Exhibition: Rebirth

This show is closed. Artwork may not be available for sale. Please contact Grace Freedman (grace@whynotart.com) with any inquiries.

Featuring Paintings by Jo-Ann Acey, Michael James Freedman and Demarcus McGaughey

Exhibit Dates: October 1 to December 30, 2021

Littlefield Gallery, 635 Sackett St, Brooklyn NY 11217

There’s change in the air. Jazz is flowing through the streets of Brooklyn, creativity is flourishing, social awareness is rising and people are emerging after months of uncertainty, tragedy, and protest. Nothing is certain but we improvise and adapt, we relish just being alive! Artworks in the show burst with life, reflecting our exhilarating re-entry into vibrant city life.

Exhibition Reception on Nov. 7th featured live jazz with Wayne Tucker

Event photos HERE

Local delivery is FREE; Michael James Freedman's work is available as Originals or Prints. Free U.S. shipping for all prints.