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Jo-Ann Acey

Swing Series No. 27

Swing Series No. 27

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13" x 13" - Acrylic on Wood Panel

About the Series

The Swing series is inspired by the artist’s lifelong love of Swing and Jazz music, but is resonant of our timeless need to change, adapt and improvise. The artist grew up in a family of music lovers, watching her parents dance while listening to the Big Band sounds. Visual Art and Music have much in common. The Swing series is a response to rhythm, pattern and movement found in the two art forms. Improvisation, spontaneity and abstraction are at work in this series. At once real, and often imagined. 

About the Artist

Acey’s art career spans several decades and she has had many solo and group shows in NYC and Brooklyn. Her work is held in private and public collections across the US and internationally. Acey’s studio is located in the Brooklyn Art Cluster in Gowanus (she is recently recovering from extensive flood damage to her studio from Hurricane Ida) and she is a member of the 440 Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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