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Michael James Freedman

Jazz at Wild Birds - Anniversary Concert

Jazz at Wild Birds - Anniversary Concert

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About the Work

The thing that makes Jazz Jazz is the crazy improvisational risk that is at the heart of it. Typically, while there’s a known rhythm, a shared melody, a few rifts agreed upon beforehand, there’s a lot that’s unknown and unpredictable. At times, everyone is improvising, and if there’s bad juju, things can go horribly wrong. Add an audience, fuel them with alcohol, and you never know what’s going to happen.

This painting is a diptych, with two paintings designed to play off each other.

In addition to the original, giclée prints are available. Each print is printed on Hahnemuhle paper with pigment ink and is signed and numbered by the artist. 

About the Artist

Michael James Freedman is a Gowanus-based artist whose expressive, vibrant paintings focus on music, family, politics, and beagles. A lifelong artist, who has shown off and on for 30 years, Freedman has recently returned to his art practice, with a new emphasis on capturing the zeitgeist of the times.

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