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Demarcus McGaughey

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

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Acrylic on Canvas

30" W x 40" H


The Breakfast Club was created in 2019, during my residency in Barcelona, Spain. This mixed media painting was inspired by my thoughts from my inner child. I thought about eating breakfast and Saturday Morning Cartoons and how joyful I felt. The weekends were a time to have fun and be free. If you look deeper, this pop art piece is an intimate look into my adult life. Each character represents myself and my best friends. It explores our experiences together. It's about authentic connections, trusting friendships and vulnerable bonds.


Demarcus McGaughey, a Texas native and New York-based mixed media artist, passionately captures the beauty, strength, and vibrancy of people of color. McGaughey specializes in a style that combines painting, photography, mixed media, and graphic design. This combination of artistic elements stems from his background in advertising and graphic design while paying homage to cultural influences of pop art, black history and street culture. McGaughey has had several solo and group shows in New York and across the country, as well as artist residencies in New York and internationally.

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