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Michael James Freedman

Playing at Patriotism

Playing at Patriotism

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Gouache on Paper (Original) 14" x 10", 12" H x 16" Framed

Also available in Limited Edition Prints

About the Work 

There's a moment when DJT holds up a bible for a photo shoot and is asked, "Is that your Bible?" He answers "It's a Bible," and that about says it all for DJT. Freedman was influenced by all those wonderful Picasso clowns from his rose period and King Lear’s fool who speaks truth to power. Or maybe it’s the king wearing the coxcomb.

About the Artist

Michael James Freedman is a Gowanus-based artist whose expressive, vibrant paintings focus on music, family, politics, and beagles. A lifelong artist, who has shown off and on for 30 years, Freedman has recently returned to his art practice, with a new emphasis on capturing the zeitgeist of the times.

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