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Michael James Freedman

Michael and Joanna at Home with Nero

Michael and Joanna at Home with Nero

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Even the Best Dinner Parties Have to End

Picture a small intimate dinner party with just the four of us — Michael, Joanna, Grace and me — at their wonderful 300 year old home in upstate New York. We've already eaten a tremendous meal and hung out in the garden with a pretty view of the Hudson, just over the trees. Maybe a few glasses of cabernet have been drunk, and it's time for us to go. Michael tells a joke, we all laugh, Nero (the dog) roams around, and it's time for us to go.

22" x 18" — Oil on Canvas Panel

The painting captures that moment when the party's about to end and everyone's content and OK with moving on to the rest of our lives. It's an intimate painting, small yet vibrant, a memento of that split second of time when we're still at the party but we know it has to end.

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