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Michael James Freedman

Kim and Miguel at Kim's Art Opening

Kim and Miguel at Kim's Art Opening

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It's the opening of her first art show in years.

Kim Bush has been steadily (and stealthily) creating textile art in which she hand dyes material, incorporates it with fabrics that have personal meaning, and stitches it all together, by hand with feeling. Why Not Art put on a recent show with Bush's work, and people were impressed. There is something so fundamentally exciting and humbling in showing one's work to a group of artists and collectors.  

22" x 20" — Oil on Linen

The painting captures that moment during an opening, when you realize it's a success, and you've finally been able to share your creation with the community, when your spouse stands proud. The painting is simple, just the two of them, but it also incorporates some of the symbols that Kim uses in her art.

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