Exhibition: Kimberly Bush - Atlantic Ave Art Walk 2024

Why Not Art is pleased to represent the textile artwork of Kimberly Bush, as part of the Atlantic Ave Art Walk, May 4 -12, 2024. Most of the works below are featured at Hannoh Wessel, 362 Atlantic Ave, near Hoyt St. "The 8 Greats" is on view at 525 Atlantic Ave (near 3rd Ave) in a group exhibition.

Kimberly Bush (Brooklyn, NY and Asbury Park, NJ) works primarily in textiles, watercolor, and collage. My work is an exploration of texture, pattern, and form found in universal symbols and nature. I create imagery on felt, fabric, and paper that combine collage, watercolor, and found materials using ink, thread, wool, cotton, and silk fibers. 

Artist statement: Making objects by hand has a long history as a poetic and spiritual practice. Creating is an act that respects the known, unknown, and not-yet-conscious of our collective human experience. It acknowledges the need that human beings must mark time, create beauty, and mitigate trauma using our own bodies.

More about the artist at www.kimberlybush-art.com