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Marlene Weisman

Red X Blue X

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Assemblage on Wood Board, Mixed Media

18" W x 10" H x 2.5"D


This assemblage piece combines evocative found art items set on a vintage wooden map of the USA. Created specifically for Laughing On The Outside and visually related to my ongoing “Pop Art Punchboard” series. I’m hugely inspired by the primary color palette and graphic design-bent of the 1960s Pop Art movement, along with its clever campy humor, its statements on American (and British) material culture, and its subversive examining of “value” and art. Other influences include Outsider Art, Fluxus, the Situationists, punk— and of course, Dada.

As in collage, choices have to be made about which objects to include, but with assemblage, a bigger challenge is the construction— the logistics of arranging the elements and attaching them is quite arduous and tricky. It’s like being a carpenter, set designer, and sculptor, as well as a collagist.


Marlene Weisman is a Brooklyn, NY based visual artist and graphic designer. Her collage-based art pieces have been exhibited at a variety of venues including MoMA, Islip Art Museum, BRIC Media House, Site: Brooklyn, NARS Foundation Gallery, Gallery 440, Ground Floor Gallery, LaBodega Gallery and others.

Wait, did you say MoMA?

Five of her early Xerox transfer art pieces were acquired for the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and were included in the recent exhibition Club 57; Film, Performance and Art in the East Village, 1978-1983.