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Brian Goldfarb

Missed Flight

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Limited Edition Photograph (20, signed and numbered)

10.75" x 25" on German Etching Paper in a 14.75" x 28" Black Shadow Box Frame


Anna was getting ready to move back to Europe and had to fill out some paperwork near a NYC airport to travel with her cat. I went with her and as we left the administrative building, we passed an open parking lot filled with school buses. Obviously, the thing to do was to walk in, have Anna climb on top of a bus and wait for planes to take off. 


Brian Goldfarb is a professional photographer who enjoys shooting slightly surrealist photos of the world reimagined. His work has been featured on, in the Governors Island Art Fair, in the “We’re Still Here…” outdoor portraiture exhibition and The Other Art Fair. Brian has been a semi-finalist in “The Travel Photographer of the Year” competition and “AAP Magazine,” he received an honorable mention in the “ND Awards” photo competition and he has won a bronze award in the “One Eyeland” photo competition. Brian currently resides in Brooklyn with one too many plants.