Art to Inspire, Soothe or Energise - whatever vibe you are looking for, original contemporary art is a great way to personalise any space.

Need to create some separation between a room and the outside world?
Be it the hustle and bustle of the city centre or the homogeneity of the suburbs, art adds that extra touch to a space, differentiating it from the background noise.

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Does this all sound great and likely for the 1% but unattainable for you?
Sister and brother duo Angele and Philip Rosenberg are changing that with Why Not Art. They are creating a community of artists and enthusiasts who want something new in the art market.

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How are they doing that?
(After all, galleries have claimed to be affordable and inclusive before...)

Flexible subscription plans at four different tiers to change how you look for art online and experience it in your home. Sign up to get original art delivered to your door. Exclusive member discounts on purchases helps loyal customers own a piece that they have fallen in love with without breaking the bank. It’s time for art to break the internet – like, share, engage is turning into rent, love, buy!

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Now that Why Not Art is here - start falling in love with Art today while you support your favourite contemporary artists along the way!

Whether you are a business with big ambitions and big walls to fill, or a private individual looking for that perfect piece in your living room, we are ready to provide you with a solution.

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