Our story

Our story


WhyNotArt is a community of artists and art lovers offering a fresh approach to appreciating and owning art. The company was started in 2015 when two siblings with very different backgrounds decided to join forces. Angele brought her curatorial eye to the table and Phillip added in his financial expertise. The result is what you see here! Today, WhyNotArt serves happy customers around the world and still is 100% founder- owned. The headquarters have recently moved to Los Angeles with additional presence in London and Amsterdam. 

About the Founders

Staring at blank walls in their starter apartments, sister and brother duo Angele and Phillip Rosenberg began to realize how restrictive and intimidating art ownership can be. They both started thinking about how we regularly lease flats and cars, pay monthly subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify, and order our necessities from Amazon Prime. Why not art?

Art has yet to experience a full digital renaissance. Yet, art is and always has been a powerful tool of self- expression that is constantly connecting people -just like the Internet!

Our unique subscriptions put the power in your hands as we help break the
internet together. No intimidating galleries, no sneaky pricing. We are making art accessible to everyone while supporting our favorite artists. Fall in love with an original piece of art in your own home. Style it as you please. Be your own curator!

Our vision

With art in your life, you can find your inner happiness. It’s that important. We are making sure that our customers have an art service that saves time, is flexible, and is truly affordable. Art is for everyone and the path to ownership should be a fun and easy experience. At WhyNotArt we’re also guaranteeing that our artists can publicize their work in a hassle free manner so that they can reach their full potential. Live with art and grow today!

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