How it Works


Ready to fall in love with original artworks in your own home?

Here is how art can travel from your screen to your wall with less commitment than ever before!


Choose an artwork to rent or buy

With our extensive collection of paintings, photographs, mixed media works and sculptures, the hardest part in this process is selecting which artwork to bring home. Why not try a few? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have a look at our Kickstart the Curating guide for selecting art online.

How it Works

Determine a rental period - 3, 6, 12, or 18 months

How long does it take to fall in love? Toggle between the rental options for your favourite piece of artwork and choose the price and term that fits your needs. Ready to commit? Brilliant! Go ahead and contact us and we'll process your order to buy your desired art.


Check out with first month's rent with shipping

First month's rent act as a deposit as you go through the process of signing up. All of our artworks will be delivered within 10 business days. Shipping prices depend on the artwork’s origin, your location, and the size and weight of the piece.

Step 4

Sign your rental contract

Our team will email your rental contract via Docusign within one business day of reserving your artwork. We will continue to reserve your piece for 48 hours while you review the contract. Don't worry! There's no need for printers and scanners - you can do everything on your computer, iPad, or even smart phone. Send the signed contract back to us and we're in business!


Welcome your artwork to its new home

First month's rental begins as soon as you receive the piece and not before! Don't love it? Learn how returns work (it's easy!).

Step 5

Sign up with Chargebee to pay via monthly credit card charges or direct debit withdrawals.

We'll send you the link after the artwork has arrived. Remember you've already paid for the first month, so these charges will begin in the second month.


Share it! Saving as you spend is a great feeling

Happy with your artwork? Great! Take a picture and post it on Instagram using #BeYourOwnCurator to show how your curated space is shaping up. Now sit back and relax - you're saving 60% of your rent for when you're ready to make a purchase.

Step 7


Save 60% of your rent and

use your voucher to buy any

art in our collection!

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