Phillip Rosenberg

Co-Founder & CEO

Phillip can make art, particularly through playing with clay, throwing ceramic pots, and creating geometric designs. His real expertise is in finance and identifying new business opportunities. He has been accruing international business experience in NYC, Panama City, and London since he graduated from Princeton University with a degree in economics.

- Favourite Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
- Spirit Animal: The Bald Eagle (has been since a young age)
- Secret Superpower: I can fly!


Angele Rosenberg

Co-Founder & Chief Curator

Angele can’t make art but she is an expert at looking at it and talking about it. The fascination began at age 12 with a jarring exhibition, then it escalated to an obsession in the form of a Masters and a Ph.D. in the history of art. She is still completely hooked and has been collecting her personal treasures since finishing the last degree.

- Favourite Artist: Donatello's David gives me butterflies every time
- Spirit Animal: Dolphin because I can't wait to play in the waves of a ship's bow!
- Secret Superpower: I never run out of questions 😉