About Why Not Art

How does Why Not Art work?

There are two ways that Why Not Art works – buy a piece of our contemporary fine art, or try a piece of original art in your own space with one of our rental plans. Head over to the From Screen to Wall page to see how easy it is to welcome a beautiful piece of art to your space!

Why rent art?

We believe that art ownership is an emotional bond that can take time. By renting art, you can take the time to fall in love with the piece in your own space. Does it match your favourite sofa? Jive with your wedding photos? Experiment with styles, colours, and sizes of art. Whether you are in a rental home, a fledgling art collector, or a business owner with a space needing frequent updates, renting art gives the time and flexibility!

Our Artists & their Artworks

How do you select your artists?

We are addicted to raw artistic talent and work to ferret out the very best promising stars. We look for concepts that capture the imagination, for interesting and innovative techniques, and for masters in different media. Hard work and passion are indispensable ingredients that are visible in all of our artists’ work. Cheery dispositions are always a much appreciated bonus!

What is in it for the Why Not Art artists?

Our artists are the bread and butter at Why Not Art and we work hard to support and celebrate them every day!

Is there a certificate of authenticity?

Yes, there is! You will get a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist when you buy an artwork.

I am an artist, how can I work with Why Not Art?

We’re always excited about new talent to collaborate with! Just send us an email at curators@whynotart.com.

How can I work at Why Not Art?

We’re always on the lookout for bright and enthusiastic people that are committed to revolutionising the art world to join our team! Send us an email at hello@whynotart.com and let’s get the conversation started

Rentals & Purchases

Can I have more than one rental at a time?

The only thing better than one piece of art is lots of pieces of art! Yes, you can have more than one rental at once. Interested in outfitting a large space? Reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com for a custom solution.

Can I use my voucher towards a future rental?

Yes! You can use your voucher to buy any art in our collection.

How long can I rent for?

Every art piece in our collection can be rented for 12, 18, or 24 months. Select pieces may be available for 3 and 6 month rental periods.

Can I see the art before I rent?

We understand how hard it can be to commit to a piece of art you’ve only seen in an Internet browser! Our rental plans will allow you to experience the art in your own home. We do have events throughout the year, however, which offer the opportunity to see a piece in person before renting! Sign up here to make sure you don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities!

What if I want to buy the piece in the middle of the rental period?

Brilliant! You can buy the art you are renting at any time in the rental period. Reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com and we will sort out the voucher amount you’ve accrued and a final payment.

What if I move?

Prior to any move, reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com so we can update all your information. We will also help you with the packing and moving of your artwork. After that, bon voyage!

What if I move out of the country for work?

Prior to a move, reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com so we can update all your information. We will also help you with the packing and moving of your artwork. Onwards and upwards!

What happens at the end of my rental period?

When the rental period is nearly finished, our team will reach out to you about the following options:
1. Ready to purchase – use the voucher you’ve earned (60% of your monthly payment accrues) to buy the piece of art. We will finalize the balance with you and wish you and your art a happy life together!
2. Return the art – our team will arrange the shipping of the art back to us. Your voucher never expires, you are free to use it on any piece in our collection.
3. Continue renting that piece of art – you can switch to a month to month rental for as long as you want. Hey, some of us just need more time to make up our minds!

Can I switch the art for a new one halfway through my rental?

You must complete the rental period that you signed up for before moving on to your next piece.

Can you buy the art at the end of the rental?

Yes of course! And be sure to use the voucher that you’ve been building up during the rental. 60% of the money you’ve paid has been saved and you can use it to buy your art.

Can I use my voucher to buy something?

Yes! You can use your voucher to buy any art in our collection.

What if the value of my art piece has increased during my rental period?

Good news! You can buy the piece at the end of your rental for what it was worth at the beginning. Lock in the price today and see what happens to your investment tomorrow.

What happens if I miss a rental payment?

Not to worry, we will contact you if you miss a payment. There will be a penalty charge of £15 if we haven’t received anything 7 days after the rent was due.

My rental period is finished – how do I return my art?

Arrange for your art to be picked up at a convenient time by one of our team members or partners by emailing us at hello@whynotart.com. Return shipping is on us!

Does the voucher expire?

Nope, the voucher is your hard-earned money and it never expires.

Are you a company, interior designer, or real estate agent?

Can I rent art to stage homes?

Yes, art can be rented to stage homes. Given the nature of turnover in staged houses, we recommend considering a piece for a 3 or 6 month rental period. Reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com with more questions regarding staging.

Do you offer corporate packages?

Yes, we offer corporate packages. Reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com for a custom solution for your business needs.

Can you supply artwork for my entire workplace?

We will happily supply artwork for your entire workplace. Reach out to us directly at hello@whynotart.com for a custom solution.

Shipping & Returns

How long does it take for the piece to be delivered?

We know you are eager for your artwork to arrive! Following the return of a signed contract, we estimate 7-14 days for your artwork to arrive. First month’s rental begins as soon as you receive the piece and not before! Our team will be in touch to schedule a delivery day that fits your schedule.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary according to the size and weight of the piece as well as the distance that it is traveling to get to you. Rest easy – we only charge for shipping one way. The return is on us!

I live in the States, will you ship to me?

Great news, we do ship to the States!

How do I know when the artwork will arrive?

We will send you a notification with the estimated delivery window after the rental contract has been signed and returned to us.

Can I pick my artwork up?

Insurance covers professional deliveries so let’s keep it safe and leave the heavy lifting to them.

The delivery of my art is late. Now what happens?

Send us an email at hello@whynotart.com and we’ll get your sorted asap. Mistakes happen – even when really don’t want them to (!)

Do I have to sign for my delivery?
Yes you will have to sign for this new addition to your household. We wouldn’t want it to end up in the wrong person’s hands!


Is there insurance?

Not to worry, every piece in our collection is insured for accidental damage, fire and theft!

What if I accidentally damage my piece?

Don’t worry. Every piece in our collection is insured. But there is an admin fee of £150 that you will be charged for every claim and you will have to notify us about the damage as soon as it happens.

Framing & Hanging

How do I hang my art?

Everything in our collection comes to ready hang. After you’ve decided where you want it, go ahead and stick a nail into your wall and hang the newest addition to your home! Don’t want to ruin your walls? Try gallery rails – they’re perfect for getting that professional look.

No time for the hassle? We also provide professional installation services. Send us an email and we will arrange for your piece to professionally hung.

Can I frame my art?

Don’t worry – we’ve already got all your needs covered! The prices that you see listed are the final prices with framing included.

Are things still unclear? Contact us at hello@whynotart.com and we’ll get things sorted.