Ready to fall in love with original artworks in your own home? Curious about the innuendo of the page? Here are the [not so] dirty details of how it works:

1) Choose an artwork to rent or purchase - With our extensive collection of paintings, photographs, mixed media works and sculptures, the hardest part in this process is selecting which artwork to bring home. Why not try a few? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have a look at our Kickstart the Curating guide for selecting art online.

2) Determine a rental period - 12, 18, or 24 months – how long does it take to fall in love? Toggle between the rental options for your favourite piece of artwork and choose the price and term that fits your needs. Ready to commit? Brilliant! Go ahead and click “Buy” for an outright purchase of your desired artwork.

3) Create a profile [or log-in] and reserve your artwork - Tell us about you! Fill in a profile with some basic information about you and the blank wall intended for our artwork. All of your details are protected - check out our data protection and privacy policy. We ask these questions not just because we love making new friends, but for insurance purposes - all our art rentals are insured!

4) Conclude check out with first month’s rent and shipping - Once you check out, your artwork will be reserved! You will receive an automated email confirming your reservation and detailing our next steps. Within one business day, our team will send a rental contract for review and your signature. We will continue to reserve the artwork for 48 hours while you review. Send the signed contract back to us, and we are in business! Should you decide not to move forward with the rental contract, we will refund your deposit and list the artwork again. If at any time in the process you have questions, concerns, or limericks to share, please reach out to us!

5) Welcome your artwork to its new home - We know you are eager for your artwork to arrive! Following the return of a signed contract, we estimate 7-14 days for your artwork to arrive. First month’s rental begins as soon as you receive the piece and not before! Our team will be in touch to schedule a delivery day that fits your schedule.

6) Hanging your artwork - Not sure how best to install your artwork? We have a professional team that can install the work for you! Simply select the optional installation services when you complete your contract.

7) Share it! Happy with your artwork? Great! We’re thrilled to have brought a little more inspiration and beauty into your home or office. Take a picture and post it on Instagram using #BeYourOwnCurator to show how your curated space is shaping up.