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Curated from top galleries, art fairs, competitions, and even Instagram, our artists are alike in their raw artistic talent, hard work, and passion. When selecting artists, we look for concepts that capture the imagination, for interesting and innovative techniques, for mastery of medias. Bonus points for cheery dispositions! As a collective, our contemporary artists represent a range of styles and media for you to consider as you rent art, experimenting with styles and developing your tastes.

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Have a look at exciting new collaborations we have brewing with extremely talented artists! Is it their impeccable compositions, their unique artistic process, or their distinctive style that make their work stand out from the crowd?


Take a look at some of the most exciting artistic talent in London town! We’re collaborating with all sorts of painters who are working in a dazzling array of media and styles.


Interested in the amazing talent beyond London? Look through our dazzling collection of UK artists who are creating British visual culture outside of the capital.

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Follow the steps of many before (Grand Tour anyone?) and take a cultural tour on the continent! We’ve collected an exciting portfolio of multi-cultural artists, each with a distinctive visual style.