Why Subscribe to Art?

At Why Not Art, we are paving a revolutionary new way to live with and experience contemporary art.

By Michelle Allen, Curator at WhyNotArt

Want to impress your friends and family with your own personal gallery space in your home? Maybe you have always wanted to own an amazing piece of art but do not want to pay the up front costs? Or perhaps you love so many different pieces of art that you simply cannot choose just one?

Our main goal is to bring art into people’s homes, offices or any space you so desire. One obstacle to collecting art, especially in the beginning, is the fact that the purchasing process is overwhelming. Not only is it expensive, but it is also binding. Enter subscriptions – they take care of the stress and hassle!


Why not try a subscription plan and always have fresh artworks for your walls!


Life, Roy’s People, 90 x 90cm

Four subscriptions to choose from, giving you access to different parts of our collection. Everything comes ready to hang and is delivered straight to your door for a flat rate! No hidden costs here.

With the Studio subscription you can have one piece in your home for only  £39.99 a month (artworks valued up to £1000). This subscription is perfect for collectors beginning their art search or even a student who loves art, looking to use our loyalty program so they can purchase their first artwork.

The Flat subscription is £59.99 a month for a piece in the higher valued Flat collection. This subscription is perfect for a person who has a passion for art and wants to explore deeper into the contemporary art world. The Loft subscription is £89.99 a month and the average value of the artworks is £2,250. At a slightly higher price point, this subscription gives you access to bigger pieces made by more experienced artists. You also get to 2 rotations so you can try out different styles! With the Penthouse subscription you have access to all of our collections, including pieces valued between £5,000 and 12,000, for £149.99 a month. You also get 4 free rotations should you wish you to swap things out for something new. Super easy – pick a subscription plan that is right for you and immediately start to enjoy the benefits of having art in your home! Our curators are experts in contemporary art, giving you the ease of browsing online for the latest in emerging talent in the UK and Europe.


It takes some time to know if a certain piece of art fits well with your style and in your space. With WhyNotArt subscriptions, you can swap the art out for something new until you find the absolute perfect piece for you! Each subscription includes free rotations. Not to worry if you want more – it is all possible for the price of shipping.
Unnamed 1000, DAIN, 91.5 x 91.5cm


Four plans give you flexibility with a range of price categories to fit your lifestyle and budget. Whether you are a student who loves art, a couple just renting their first flat, or a seasoned collector – we have a range of options so that everyone can enjoy original artwork in their homes.


Customers are raving about our loyalty program! 100% of the money you spend on a subscription is saved for you to purchase anything in our collection. That’s right, you’re not tied to the piece that you’ve been subscribing to. Your free to choose a different one and still use all of the money that you’ve spent! Reducing the upfront cost of purchasing art, you can try which pieces you love and work best for your space. No money is wasted with subscriptions making it easy to buy what you love when you’re ready.
Ant Carver, Iridescent, 121.92 x 121.92cm


With our cancel at any time policy, you can easily begin collecting art without a specific plan! Rest easy, you always have the option to cancel at anytime, no questions asked.


We take care of everything from shipping and handling – all artworks arrive ready to hang. Every one of our pieces is also insured from the moment it leaves our hands. This takes the stress over caring for an artwork out of the picture so that you can simply enjoy your piece to the fullest. You’ll also get a certificate of authenticity from the artist when you’re ready to purchase.


Art is one of the greatest conversation starters and it is also a creative way to show people your own style and personality.

With no obligations, affordable monthly subscription plans and our 100% credit loyalty program, collecting art has never been so easy!

Chrissy Thirlaway_Just Resting II in context
Chrissy Thirlaway, Just Resting II, 89 x 114cm
All of our artists represented on the platform are at the forefront in the London contemporary art scene. Our curators stay on top of the latest and greatest artists from around Europe so you know that you are always getting the absolute very best in contemporary art.

Get started today and start browsing!


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