Why art subscriptions?


Why Art Subscriptions? Well, there are a couple of ways to answer this question. I could approach it from the more practical side and point out the fact that you probably already have subscriptions to a lot of things. Maybe you use Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu to watch tv and movies at home? Or you use Spotify and Pandora to listen to music? Subscriptions to other artistic forms are already incredibly popular, it only follows that we subscribe to fine art as well. There is more behind our commitment to art subscriptions than the practical aspect. What really matters for us at WhyNotArt is that we are bringing more art to more people. Fine art is no longer only for the rich and educated. With subscriptions, more people can try having it in their home. Subscriptions are certainly cheaper than buying but, more importantly, they are also much more flexible. Choosing art that will hang in your home forever is a daunting task. And you may feel like you really need to “know” what you want. But the best way to find out what you want is to try it out and see how it goes. Subscriptions give more people that opportunity.


In addition to lowering the bar of entry into the art world, we are also researching new ways of searching it. Traditional categories such as cubism, impressionism, oil painting, or still life may make sense for organizing museum collections but most people do not find them helpful when looking for what to hang over their couch. I mean, who actually thinks in terms of artistic movements on their free time? Very few people. So we are coming up with a new, more relevant way of understanding your preferences so that we can get the right artworks to your door. The new Q&A isn’t up yet but we’re working as fast as we can and it will be there soon!

ARTIST Javiera Estrada

Art is all about communication and everyone has the right to participate in that conversation. It opens our eyes, giving new perspective to see and understand the world around us. We may learn about something small and seemingly insignificant like the still lifes of the Northern Renaissance or about the bigger themes of gender and race that contemporary artists like Mona Hatoum are tackling. No matter the size or gravity of the subject – art connects people as an essential part of human existence.


Pablo Picasso said it best, “ Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” And we all want to read each other’s diaries.
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