Talented Art Fair // March 2018


By Michelle Allen, Curator at Why Not Art Are your walls looking a bit drab? Do you need something fresh to liven up a room for the approaching spring? Why not browse our collection of amazing art, all available for one low monthly subscription! At Why Not Art, we are always spotting new emerging talent and constantly keeping a pulse on what’s happening in the contemporary art scene here in London. We are constantly adding fresh works and content to our site so that you are always up to date. 


This past weekend, Renatta and I attended the Talented Art Fair, which took over the Old Truman Brewery with over 100 emerging artists. The two of us set out for the fair in order to spot out new contemporary talent.   We love the fact that the art fair is bringing together fresh collectors and budding artists. Like Talented, the WNA platform is aiming to shatter elitism within the art world and to close the gap between emerging artists and their collectors. Everyone should be able to have artwork that they love in their personal space. Art has the ability to inspires and engages people to think outside of the box! As we walked in the front door of the Old Truman Brewery, we were met with smiling faces from the artists and each of their stalls was filled with amazing art. Despite the downfall of snow during the previous weekdays, collectors both seasoned and new, came out to purchase one of a kind works. As we walked around perusing each of the artist’s stalls, we were greeted with some familiar faces of WNA artists!  


Paul Kingsley Squire was exhibiting and we were able to steal a second to chat with him about his work. On view were some of his works on the WNA site including The Danse Macabre, Rise of the She Wolf and We Are the New Gods. In person they have a breath-taking amount of detail throughout their fur. The Perspex medium that they are printed on also gives the work an extremely polished finish. This series is an on going project for Paul and it draws inspiration from mythology and symbolism.
Paul Kingsley Squire, Human Nature 1, Pencil on 200 gsm paper
Paul also showed us through some of his new works entitled Human Nature 1 & Human Nature 2. These are new pencil drawings, done on 200 gsm artistic paper, that Paul started this year. They are full of branches and tree roots all expertly overlapped within a human form. The intersecting roots create profound depth within the 2-dimensional forms. All of Paul’s works are teeming with detail, which makes his pieces stand out from the rest!
Paul Kingsley Squire, Human Nature 2, Pencil on 200 gsm paper


As we said our goodbyes to Paul, we continued walking through the fair and spotted WNA artist Helen Lack! She was vibrant and bubbly as visitors were greatly admiring her work. “A vibrant and happy Jackson Pollack!” one visitor wrote down in her guest book. She was really touched by the comments, which only increased her inspiration and good cheer. As we kept reading the comments we saw, “You’re so energetic, I love it! Keep up the amazing work”. Helen is able to capture a vivacious tone within her work, such as Untitled Series 1, 2 & 3, that resonates with her viewers. Always welcoming a conversation about her work, Helen loves what she does. She was exhibiting some of her newer works as well that draws on the dynamism of London and New York.
Artist Helen Lack with Why Not Art curator Renatta at Talented Art Fair 2018.


Why Not Art’s very own Ernesto Romano was also debuting a new series entitled @$!#% You. Done in his signature style of hand embellish x-rays, Ernesto always adds something quirky and unusual to his work. Preferring to use his own x-ray scans or vintage anatomical prints, he uses these as a basis to explore himself as well as the human body quite literally from the inside out.
Artist Ernesto Romano at Talented Art Fair 2018.
Ernesto Romano, @$!#% You, Digital print.
His new series starts with an x-ray of his own hand sticking its middle finger up adorned with a  flashy ring on it, adding to the cheeky factor of the work. He then colours the entire hand in bright neon colours; one pink and one purple. His work embodies a lighthearted tone amidst the seriousness of an x-ray, creating an interesting juxtaposition. There is always an exciting element to his work, such as Royal Blood Red, adding in bright colours, gold glitter and a crown paying tribute to the Queen on her 90th birthday.  


The art fair not only provided us with a warm refuge from the snow outside, but it also was such a great way to meet our artists in person and seek out new talent. There was such a dynamic variety throughout the show and no artist was the same. Extreme sports painters, collage artists and print makers were all under one roof. Martina Niederhauser was exhibiting a striking series of large-scale female portraits that were created with ink, acrylic, silver foil and book pages on board. Each woman is wearing a red piece of clothing, which creates a pleasing aesthetic and gives a visual diary for the viewer.
LEFT: Martina Niederhauser, Fight! Smash! Win!, Acrylic Ink on Wood Canvas.
Ashley More is a self-taught artist who juxtaposes classical European architecture with the new and old town of Edinburgh. The result is a work that has an air of mystery to it amidst stunning architecture.
LEFT: Julio Guerra, Scarlet Macaw, Digital Print on Canvas.
RIGHT: Ashley More, (no info available).
Julio Guerra has a bold, geometric and colourful style and was exhibiting a series of Macaw birds. Printing his designs onto large canvases, he is able to achieve alluring works complete with clean lines and eye-catching colours.


We love to see our artists exhibiting in a great venue and selling their work to new collectors. The energy was amazing and we will definitely be returning next year to stay on top of emerging talent as well as support our own WNA artists!  


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