Power Play: A New Exhibition at The Concept Space

By Michelle Allen, Curator at Why Not Art Power Play, currently on view at The Concept Space, focuses on the power dynamics between artists and their works. The exhibition opened on December 5, 2017 and we had the fortune of attending and can highly recommend the experience.

The Concept Space // Bermondsey

Located in Bermondsey, one of London’s up and coming arts districts, the gallery is housed in an 1800 square foot facility with both indoor and outdoor display areas, allowing to accommodate to all artists and their practices. Events and talks also run in parallel to the exhibitions, which are then aptly themed around various cultural and commercial aspects of the art world. The space’s mission itself encourages its artists to experiment with new mediums or ideas, traditionally out of their own comfort zones. In doing so, the artists become challenged and great-unexpected works are able to come to fruition.

KV Duong’s Debut Performance

The Power Play exhibition opened with a special performance by one of Why Not Art’s artists, KV Duong. For his debut as a performance artist, KV began with a work entitled Turbulence. In this powerful performance, KV uses his body, which was covered in black ink, to convey his journey and his struggle to find his own identity. Having never done a performance piece before, KV decided that the Concept Space was the perfect place to delve into a new medium. KV stood in front of a giant white piece of primed canvas, tacked onto the wall, and crouched down towards the ground. He radiated intense energy as the performance began to unfold.
KV Duong, Turbulence, 2017 (Performance on Acrylic Canvas) Courtesy of Emily Doyle Koch
After smearing black ink all over himself, KV used his body to create charged strokes onto the canvas. KV’s methodical movements were emotional, beautiful, and at times solemn. The audience watched silently and in anticipation of KV’s next move.  
KV Duong, Turbulence, 2017 (Performance on Acrylic Canvas) Courtesy of the Artist
KV Duong, Turbulence, 2017 (Performance on Acrylic Canvas) Courtesy of the Artist
                  Once he finished his performance, the final canvas was reminiscent of two sets of mountains with a valley running through the centre. KV poured his heart and soul into his debut performance, and the final work emanates the emotion seen and felt throughout the experience.
KV Duong, Turbulence, 2017 (Performance on Acrylic Canvas) Courtesy of the Artist

New Works By Pernilla Iggstrom

Another Why Not Art artist, Pernilla Iggstrom, was also exhibiting two of her new works entitled, Bansa and Changmun. Both of these new works are oil paints on an aluminium board.
Pernilla Iggstrom, Bansa, 2017 (Oil on Aluminium) Courtesy of the artist’s website
Pernilla describes how the medium she works in helps her to communicate and work through her own sense of self, “The paint becomes skin, a porous membrane that communicates between the inner and outer self”. With these two new works, Pernilla doles out her inward emotions and communicates to the viewer her thoughts about the negotiations of identity. She wants to help inspire others to pursue their own passions and dreams just as she did.
Pernilla Iggstrom, Changmun, 2017 (Oil on Aluminium) Courtesy of the artist’s website

Inspiring Others

Pernilla left the corporate world in order to be a full time artist, a childhood dream. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Fine Art Painting from City & Guilds of London Art School in 2011 and has been a full time artist ever since. By creating her work and telling her story, Pernilla hopes to incite in others the courage to pursue their dreams and life goals.  

Finding an Identity Through Art

Both KV Duong’s performance and Pernilla Iggstrom’s works deal with finding an identity within their own selves. This notion holds true to the theme of Power Play – finding one’s own sense of identity and power and seeing how that plays out between other artists in pursuit of similar aspects. The show features some incredibly detailed and profound works, worthy of a visit in person.   Be sure to check out the group exhibition at The Concept Space and see powerful works by KV Duong and Pernilla Iggstrom as well as many more talented artists in the exhibition!  

The Concept Space

7 Spa Road

Bermondsey, London

SE16 3QP


Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6pm

-Free Admission-




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