Tomas Rowell

Meet Tomas Rowell of Birmingham, UK.

Teaching art showed Tomas Rowell that it is not necessarily what the art looks like but how the work makes you feel.

Following in the footsteps of minimalist giants, Tomas investigates the physical qualities of art rather than its representational powers. Color, geometry, and balance are guiding forces. He’s witnessed the insightful influence that art of any kind can have on the mind and its ability to allow individuals to embrace themselves in creativity without any judgmental repercussions.

Trained at Leeds Arts University, it was actually upon leaving school that he realized he was painting for his own benefit.

Tomas has persistently experimented with painting; understanding its ability to confront the physical qualities of art over an external embodiment. Through his quest to add sustainability in his work and eradicate unnecessary elements, Tomas began a fascination with the color black.

It continues to be the most influential tone within his current works, offering instinctive depth and a subconscious captivation.

A Snapshot View of Tomas Rowell

Favourite Artist: Kazimir Malevich.
Spirit Animal: The Tiger, as he’s continually on the move. He’s also full of drive with a “no stone unturned” attitude in life.
Secret Superpower: Having four hours sleep and functioning…with the help of ten cups of coffee.



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Vincent Kamp

Meet Vincent Kamp of London.

Vincent Kamp is a self-taught artist whose raw skill is evidenced by the technical achievement in his works.

He has devoted an enormous amount of time learning how to paint in oils through life drawing, sketching sculptures and copying the masters. Using the exceptional resources available in his city, Vincent took to the National Galleries of London to understand form, color and lighting. The time spent with the masters is discernible in his expert use of oils and deep understanding of lighting. At the same time, his work is incredibly contemporary.

Cinematography has also been an influence and is especially visible in his use of dramatic lighting to set the mood and begin the narrative.

Vincent often turns to underground subcultures for his subject matter, believing that those who exist in the gritty shadows of our cities will always be intriguing. He began his ascent in London’s art scene with a series of portraits of barbers working around the UK. The variously coiffed and often heavily tattooed men provided him with material that cut across social barriers.

In his most recent work he focuses on his love of film in thirty paintings that tell the story of a high stakes poker game.

A Snapshot View of Vincent Kamp

Favourite Artist: …Loading…
Spirit Animal: …Loading…
Secret Superpower: …Loading…



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Meet Zabou of London, UK.

After creating a masterpiece using rocks on her parents’ car, Zabou knew she’d found her calling.

Trained in Fine Arts in France with a MA in Digital Arts in London, Zabou began painting murals and fell in love. Her easily recognizable style combines bold, striking colors with gray scale representations of cultural icons. Street art, to Zabou, creates interaction between people and their environment. Her murals facilitate that interaction, as she seeks to move her paintings beyond the obvious spatial boundaries.

In addition to her public murals, Zabou has exhibited her works at the Saatchi Gallery in London and has given a TedX talk about how street art can participate in community regeneration.

Zabou finds inspiration for her artworks in everything she sees, hears, feels, and reads. Raised in the French countryside, Zabou now resides in East London and aims to paint as much of the capital as she can.

Zabou has invaded 17 countries, so look for her bold street art wherever you may be!

A Snapshot View of Zabou.

Favorite Artist: She doesn’t have only one, but hundreds!
Spirit Animal: Some type of feline, like a lynx.
Secret Superpower: She can drink a lot – don’t challenge her!

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Ant Carver

Meet Ant Carver of London.

London-based artist Ant Carver cites oil and spray paints as his favourite media for their complementary qualities.

Oil paints allow the creation of intricate detailing, while spray paint is perfect for producing looser colour elements. While trained in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes, Ant’s passion for art grew from his interest in street art.

After university, he set up his studio in Hackney Wick, and jokes that he realised he was an artist when he could pay his bills.

Ant continues to be inspired by traditional and street art, and notes that a visit to the pub can cure a bout of creative block.

Ant Carver’s interest in art originated from a passion for graffiti and street art.

His work concentrates on the use of hand painted details, contrasting with bright abstract elements. His work continues to take inspiration from both street art and more traditional styles.

A Snapshot View of Ant Carver.

Favorite Artist: Conor Harrington.
Spirit Animal: …loading
Secret Superpower: …loading

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Roy’s People

Meet Roy’s People of Essex, UK.

For Roy’s People, art began as a hobby with a camera and a miniature train track. Once friends showed interest, Roy’s People began to develop his own style of ‘miniatures meet the streets’ in unique scenarios.

He creates tiny installations that reflect on the surroundings, emotions and feelings in the bigger world. Using the differences in size as part of the commentary, Roy’s People brilliantly achieves humorous pieces that are both fun and thought-provoking. Or as he puts it, “I customize miniature figures to depict a fantasy world beneath our feet on the streets.”

Don’t believe that an artist suffers for his craft? Roy’s People adapts all of his figurines from their original form and, as a result, his fingers are often superglued together.

Part of a growing contingent of artists trained in their craft instead of in art school, Roy’s People shies away from the title of artist, preferring to be identified as a “creative.” Nevertheless he will point out that he is a qualified Ford technician.

Since his more humble beginnings, he has attracted the attention of major brands and carried out commissions forGillette, Nikon, Sea World, Time Out, as well as many others.

A Snapshot View of Roy’s People.

Favorite Artist: Banksy.
Spirit Animal: Hippo – they’re chilled out!
Secret Superpower: Yet to discover one! *For Roy’s People’s sake, we wish for it to be the power to escape superglue!*

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Paul Kingsley Squire

Meet Paul Kingsley Squire of London, UK.

Paul Kingsley Squire nearly pursued a Foundation in Art, but opted instead to play guitar and sing in a band.

His time in music pushed him along his circuitous path to art. He designed much of his band’s artwork and developed a portfolio that inspired his first exhibition, “Manipulations”.

Following the birth of his first child, Paul turned his focus towards digital and graphic work with web design. He never stopped making art with the result that his painting and artistic work developed with the web.

About 10 years ago he began working in oil paints to avoid spending his life in front of a computer.

Paul’s constant interest in metamorphosis and transformation can be found across his diverse body of work from the textural surfaces of his oils to the animal headed hybrids of his digital work. He is a self-taught artist, and grew up copying Marvel characters –especially Spiderman – and Asterix and Obelix.

Paul can find inspiration in the least likely moments, and his innovative artworks reflect his own admiration for artists that deviate from trends to carve their own niches.

A Snapshot View of Paul Kingsley Squire

Favorite Artist: Among the many he lists (such as Lucian Freud,Vincent Van Gogh, John Byrne, and Maggie Hambling), Paul includes Mike Mignola,the artist behind the Hellboy comics.
Spirit Animal: The Stag.
Secret Superpower: Flying.

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Athena Anastasiou

Meet Athena Anastasiou of London, UK.

Athena is an art scholar and post graduate from Central St Martins best known for her vibrant and eclectic large-scale oil paintings.

She has exhibited in numerous group shows around London, Portugal and Morocco. A keen advocate for the emerging art scene in London, Athena is the Founder of a pop up Art Gallery and collective called “Meet The Artists” that has represented over 100 emerging artists from London. In her exciting new series ‘Essence,’ Athena works with bold colorful strokes, exposed linen and layers of resin.

She uses oil paints to sculpt her portraits, scraping away as much paint and detail as possible whilst still retaining the feeling of a person. She strips portraiture back to its bare essence, emphasising the silent and captivating dialogue between the sitter and viewer.

“My portrait paintings are continual explorations of color, form and texture. I am currently investigating how far I can stretch the form whilst still portraying the essence and energy of a person.”

Athena is particularly interested in exploring empowerment and community – how we can unite cultures through the revolutionary tool of ART.

A Snapshot View of Athena Anastasiou

Favorite Artist: Picasso, as he can paint like a master yet he chose to paint like a child, and that took a lifetime. She loves his playfulness, his uniqueness of artistic style and his bold and bright use of colour in his work.
Spirit Animal: A soaring eagle
Secret Superpower: She can fly.

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Benjamin Phillips

Meet Benjamin Phillips of London, UK.

Benjamin Phillips’ earliest memories are of art. As an adult he remains fascinated by its utility for digesting the raw experiences of life in a metropolis. The son of a master craftsman, oil painter, and driftwood sculptor, Benjamin was raised amidst art, a childhood that has left a lasting impression.

The contemporary urban landscape stimulates his creative process and he is constantly incorporating found elements from London’s streets in his work.
His large, mixed-media compositions are constructed on handmade wooden panels using paint, posters, flyers, graffiti,and other fragments of the city.

The result is a snapshot of a specific moment from the ongoing relationship between artist and city.

Integral to the final piece is “the fragmented, textural, topographical nature of his work that reflects the city’s ever-changing surfaces, which have accrued years of printed matter.”

Obsessed with color, Benjamin refuses to identify just one as a favorite, citing ‘rainbow’ as a clever work-around!

A Snapshot View of Benjamin Phillips

Favorite Artist: Kurt Schwitters, John
Piper and Maggi Hambling – don’t
make me choose!
Spirit Animal: Racoon (As they are cute,
cunning and determined)
Secret Superpower: Intangibility or
Omnilinguilism just so you have to look
up the meanings

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