Meet Peter Barelkowski of Toronto, Canada.

Peter Barelkowski is known for his explorations of the human condition through his minimalist style.

Particularly drawn to the themes of isolation and loneliness, Peter’s signature one-dimensional figures act out alienating scenes in unadorned landscapes. The results are strangely arresting compositions that beckon to the viewer, asking them to pause for a moment to consider what sadness, one of the most fundamental human experiences, can mean.

Peter’s artistic journey began in Poland where he was born. He began to experiment with painting in the 70s when he also established his first studio.

He has a global background in art, having completed courses in Poland, Toronto, Norway, and London. While at the Camden Arts Centre in London he was also a street performer for tourists in the 70s.

His works are in private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

A Snapshot View of Peter Barelkowski

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