Meet Patricia Rubio of San Francisco, CA

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Patricia is now based in San Francisco. She works primarily with acrylic paints because of the versatility they afford to make a thousand different colors.

She also likes to use gouache because it gives a velvety finish over the opaque, matte and bright colors. Artistic production is a therapeutic process for Patricia through which she explores her memory and personal situations by creating and recreating connections between visual and emotional conceptions. She compares her work to the manner that we construct our thoughts.

Transform seemingly disconnected into shapes and you begin to see her world of imaginary geometric constructions and colorful compositions.

The pleasure of this world can be found in the balance of color, shapes, and composition. Painting makes her happy and she needs to do it. The deeply personal aspect of her practice is translated into her work, making them particularly satisfying to look at.

Stand in front of a composition by her and let yourself be led through her vibrant inventions consisting of delicate thought constructions made visual.

A Snapshot View of Patricia Rubio

Favorite Artist: She doesn’t have a favorite but she as a lot that she likes for different reasons. David Hockney, Yayoi Kusama, Frank Stella, to name a few.
Spirit Animal: Hahaha, she doesn’t know. 
Secret Superpower:  She can leave a boring conversation without being impolite.        



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