Meet Seda Saar of Malibu, CA.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Seda grew up in London, England before emigrating to California.

The visual and emotional effects of color, light and shadow, negative space, and the changing alignment of form are lifelong fascinations that she is constantly exploring through her art.

While she wishes that she could 3D print more, she finds acrylics intriguing with their luminous qualities of light reflection. Her work is meant to be “the visual bridge interconnecting the archetypes of nature, science, and art.”

To this end, the laws of symmetry and spatial projection are integral tools in her process.

Light truly is a guiding force for Seda. When asked what her favorite color is, she enthusiastically responds, “Theory of all colors! I love white light as it is comprised of all colors! Iridescent luminous rainbows showing intelligent physics of light – Also I love to create with light!”

It should come as no surprise then that nature, a “constant artist”, is an ongoing source of inspiration.

A Snapshot View of Seda Saar

Favorite Artist: Picasso Early Periods, Zaha Hadid, and Piet Mondrian (to name a few)
Spirit Animal: Condor.
Secret Superpower: Self motivation and meditation.

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