Meet Paula Izydorek of Cleveland, Ohio.

After spending her formative years in Southern California, Paula now lives in Cleveland, Ohio where she is thoroughly enjoying the amount of space that life in the Midwest can offer.

She has been creating, exploring, and exhibiting art since a health crisis at nineteen years old demonstrated how precious life is. The determination and vastness of nature are central themes in her work.

She begins with sheets of birch ply that are selected on the basis of the natural patterns of wood grain, elements that will remain integral to the final work’s composition.

Rather than creating an image of nature, Paula communicates its essence – “its relentless ability to combine form and color with function and purpose…without expectation or need for approval.”

Ultimately she focuses on the interconnections within the world.

Each artwork is a consequence of the encounter between her psychological state and the immediate environment.

A Snapshot View of Paula Izydorek

Favorite Artist: She is in awe of Earth and its diversely infinite creation.
Spirit Animal: Lizards have a special place in her heart.
Secret Superpower: She can make time disappear while on vacation.

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