Anthony Mastromatteo

Meet Anthony Mastromatteo of Tallmadge, Ohio

Anthony’s encounters with art really began at Princeton University where he studied art history. He is quick to add that even then he didn’t really experience art.

Courses and readings focused on ideas much more than the object themselves. Things slowly changed for him whilst working at Christie’s in NYC selling 19th century paintings. It was there that he began to marvel at paintings as objects and to fall in love with what painting could be. A gut feeling told him that he could do this too and so he began painting for himself.

It is not often that you discover your hidden talent in your late 20s but for Anthony it quickly became clear that he was a hugely talented painter.

He has since built an impressive career on painting visually delightful still-lives that excite the mind. Each project is deeply researched such that he creates carefully thought out compositions that are supported by substantive ideas. He always paints from original objects and aims to give them a voice. What is more important in this trompe l’oeil game – the painting or the original object?

Well that is part of the fun it for him, to blur that line between original and representation.

A Snapshot View of Anthony Mastromatteo

Favorite Artist: He has been an ardent admirer since his university studies.
Spirit Animal: This is a difficult question for Anthony, as he prefers concrete jungles to nature.  
Secret Superpower: He is particularly empathetic making it easy for him to quickly step in to a person’s skin and understand their point of view, both emotionally and intellectually.        



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MB Boissonnault

Meet MB Boissonnault of Los Angeles, CA

Originally from Bennington, Vermont, MB Boissonnault has been living and working as a painter in Venice, California for nineteen years.

She studied at the KunstAkademie Düsseldorf under Dutch artist Jan Dibbets. Traces from the different environments in which she’s lived are visible in her work. She’s inherited the precision and detail of the German painting tradition and mixed it in with the Californian optimism and predilection for light and freedom. Boissonnault works in oil and synthetic paints because “turning a two-dimensional space into an emotional landscape is the biggest challenge I [can] think of.” It is important for her that her work impacts viewers and that they are drawn in and feel an emotion.

Being an artist isn’t necessarily a matter of choice for Boissonnault. “If you’re a painter it’s not an existence that you choose. You just have to do it.”

She’s known that she is an artist since birth and has made it a professional pursuit for over 20 years. And she has received much recognition for her pursuit. Her work has been featured in interior design magazines such as LUXE and has been a popular choice for film and TV.

Collectors include Deutsche Bank, Tyssen, Siemens, the Tennessee State Museum, Chase Bank, the Matisse Family, and Roma Downey +Mark Burnett.

A Snapshot View of MB Boissonnault

Favorite Artist: Eugène Delacroix.
Spirit Animal: Daffy Duck. 
Secret Superpower: Sometimes she knows who is calling her before picking up the phone.        



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Brayden Bugazzi

Meet Brayden Bugazzi of Los Angeles, CA

It has not been a direct road to becoming a fine artist for Brayden, but he has always known that he was creative.

After studying at Herberger School of Fine Arts at Arizona University, he moved to Los Angeles to become an editorial photographer. This profession didn’t fit well and he soon found his true calling as a fine artist. Today he thinks of his old dreams with a smile and a hint of irony, “my dream was to be printed in Vogue in some capacity, but I ended up seeing my art on their site in the company of a famous NYC socialite who was the muse of the mythic fashion Icon from a bygone era, Halston.”

Today Brayden makes vibrant collages of pop icons out of old magazines, newspapers and books.

He begins by ordering books about his subject on eBay or Amazon and hunting down material in local used bookstores. Tearing pages up and cutting out fragments with his x-acto knife, Brayden meticulously builds the work up to get the final three-dimensional effect. From a distance, his art looks flat and representational – anyone passing by can easily identify the subject. But the real joy of his art occurs when you step closer and the famous face fades into a thrilling collection of tiny fragments of old printed material.

Humorous details sprinkle his work – such as the name of Frida Kahlo’s lover (Leon Trotsky) that appears on her lips.

A Snapshot View of Brayden Bugazzi

Favorite Artist: Shane Guffogg.
Spirit Animal: Bobcat.
Secret Superpower:  Patience and tenacity.       



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David Dory

Meet David Dory of Los Angeles.

Originally from Carson City, Nevada, David grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

His childhood memories include the occasional bear roaming around Lake Tahoe and the wild mustang filled hills of Lyon country. He works in all media and will choose the materials that best suit the piece that he is creating. For him, “the medium is just the means to get there, and in some way has the same impact on my work as whether I drove a car, flew or took the train.” His style, by contrast, is the more essential element of his work. Sharing many qualities with the surrealist movement, his style is also referred to as “omnistic” in so far as it combines nudes, landscapes, and abstract elements to create a cubist/ surrealist work.

After years of refining his signature style, David has achieved a unique body of work that stands out and is easily recognizable as his creation.

His favorite show was a benefit for the Reno Philharmonic where he showed a painting called Nevada Ghosts. The work called attention to an incident where someone was shooting the wild mustangs around Virginia City, NV for sport. Lance Gilman, the owner of the famous Mustang Ranch Brothel, bought the painting.

To the best of David’s knowledge, the painting still hangs over the door leading to the “Girls” rooms.

A Snapshot View of David Dory.

Favorite Artist: Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, and M.C. Escher
Spirit Animal: A Mustang.
Secret Superpower:  Empathy. Art offers a respite or sanctuary for the people that take the time to see deeper into the work, and this quality comes from being able to take on the hope, feelings, dreams, and fantasies of those around him and to translate those into his art.   



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John Bicknell

Meet John Bicknell of Greece..

Oil paint, John Bicknell’s preferred medium, offers freedom in his artistic thinking. Through his extensive studies in Fine Art at University of the Creative Arts Farnham, University of East London, and The Slade School, University College London, John knew he was an artist.

John notes that in his art, the simplest solutions require the greatest research and concentration, and deliver the most profound results.

Grey, John’s favourite colour, allows images to breathe. Widely exhibited across Europe, John lives and works in Athens.

His work during the eighties and nineties centred on an exploration of abstraction and landscape. More recent work has developed a figurative narrative drawn from wide ranging sources and influences including film, theatre, the history of painting, and photo-journalism. He has worked in collaboration with artists, film-makers and actors.

Today, John Bicknell is not only painting but is currently working on his 2nd film from his Athens based studio.

A Snapshot View of John Bicknell

Favourite Artist: Gerhard Richter
Spirit Animal: I have no spirit animal.
Secret Superpower: That which is greater than me.



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Christina Twomey

Meet Christina Twomey of Los Angeles, CA.

After creating her first work of art using materials from her local art store on the corner of Pico and La Cienaga in LA, Christina knew she’d found her calling.

What initially began as an attempt to decorate her new home quickly turned into a successful Etsy store and then into an invitation to show her work at RAW Natural Born Artists. And all of this happened just five years ago. Since then, Christina has watched with a joyful mixture of astonishment and delight as demand for her work grows and the requests for commissions roll in.

Today she works primarily in resin, experimenting with the medium’s different viscosities and pigment loads to achieve a wide range of vivid effects.

In addition to uncovering her raw talent for working with color and her keen eye for composition, Christina explains that kick-starting her artistic career has taken a lot of work. As Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours of investment to become an expert in anything. Love for her artistic process propels her forward, as does the passion for creating something for someone.

Ultimately it is the constant challenge that she sets for herself to find her recognizable style and to be unique and original that keeps her focused on those 10,000 hours.

A Snapshot View of Christina Twomey

Favorite Artist: Cy Twombly.
Spirit Animal: A bird so she may soar high and take in the view. And of course, her beloved rescue dog, Kazan.  
Secret Superpower: Her intuition. Being able to connect with her clients on a deeper level provides her the passion, energy & intuition she enjoys experiencing in order to deliver something they love.

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Irena Orlov

Meet Irena Orlov of Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from the Urkaine, Irena Orlov lived in Russia, Israel and Canada before settling in Los Angeles.

Her passion for creating mixed media art is informed by her varied background in architecture and design. With photography and different types of painting as her tools, Irena uses artistic production to express her emotions and feelings. 

Her work showcased at WhyNotArt consists of clean sleek lines that twist and turn in dynamic curves to create a composition that is simple and calm whilst bursting with movement.

To create this vibrant effect, she used digital print, ink, 3D paints, acrylic and acrylic gel on canvas.

In the artist’s words, “My work is infused with the spirit and energy I felt at the moment I created it. It encourages viewers to interpret it their own way. My art evokes different feelings in the audience depending on their individual experiences and memories.”

Irena is particularly drawn to the color orange because it reminds her of being a free spirit – of life and its positive energies.

A Snapshot View of Irena Orlov

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt.
Spirit Animal: Dolphin.
Secret Superpower: Curiosity and Enthusiasm. Find the wonder in everyday life.

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Meet DAIN of NYC, USA.

New York City based street artist DAIN began his career by doing graffiti in grade school. DAIN continues to consider the world his blank canvas, adding beauty to the urban sprawl.

His process typically begins with a black and white photo, often of a Hollywood icon such as Audrey Hepburn or more recent stars as Victoria Beckham and Adele. He then layers the base photograph with old advertisements, printed fragments, and other images. Painting on the collaged material, DAIN highlights certain forms and ties the disparate pieces together into one composition.

A “circle and drip” mark in red around a single eye completes the piece and has become a trademark in his more recent work. DAIN’s recognizable style of glam meets grit features bright colors and collage that look as appealing on canvas as on the streets.

He has amassed an impressive following on social media, as well as had his work shown in Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, and Miami. Recently he was chosen by Coach to join other prominent New York graffiti artists to reimagine the brand’s logo on different walls around the city.

Despite his international acclaim, DAIN remains intimately loyal to New York – drawing his inspiration from the vibrant city and continuously adding to its vibrancy with his iconic art.

A Snapshot View of Dain

Favorite Artist: I couldn’t name just one, I enjoy them all.
Spirit Animal: Loading….
Secret Superpower: Loading….

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Ty Joseph

Meet Ty Joseph of Los Angeles, CA.

Born in Hamburg and raised in Israel, Ty Joseph now calls Los Angeles his home. It was not until his thirties that he discovered his true calling as a painter.

After tiring of his real estate career and the nightlife scene in Hollywood, he decided to pursue art – a childhood passion that would allow him to be true to his own identity while having the potential to get better with age.

Ty’s signature style – marked by a repeating ‘L’ motif – is making him a desirable rising star of the LA art scene.

“In the beginning when people started to ask me about the meaning of my L’s, I didn’t know what to say. I thought they came out of nowhere. But now I say that they stand for ‘Los Angeles’, or they stand for ‘elegance’, or they are the missing syllable from my name when I changed it to Ty.”

Influenced by Pop Art, Ty’s style refrains from excessive blending of colors while relying on distinct borders that result in striking compositions.

Above all, Ty strives to express individuality and elegance in each piece.

A Snapshot View of Ty Joseph.

Favorite Artist: …loading…
Spirit Animal: …loading…
Secret Superpower: …loading…

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