Christina Twomey

Meet Christina Twomey of Los Angeles, CA.

After creating her first work of art using materials from her local art store on the corner of Pico and La Cienaga in LA, Christina knew she’d found her calling.

What initially began as an attempt to decorate her new home quickly turned into a successful Etsy store and then into an invitation to show her work at RAW Natural Born Artists. And all of this happened just five years ago. Since then, Christina has watched with a joyful mixture of astonishment and delight as demand for her work grows and the requests for commissions roll in.

Today she works primarily in resin, experimenting with the medium’s different viscosities and pigment loads to achieve a wide range of vivid effects.

In addition to uncovering her raw talent for working with color and her keen eye for composition, Christina explains that kick-starting her artistic career has taken a lot of work. As Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours of investment to become an expert in anything. Love for her artistic process propels her forward, as does the passion for creating something for someone.

Ultimately it is the constant challenge that she sets for herself to find her recognizable style and to be unique and original that keeps her focused on those 10,000 hours.

A Snapshot View of Christina Twomey

Favorite Artist: Cy Twombly.
Spirit Animal: A bird so she may soar high and take in the view. And of course, her beloved rescue dog, Kazan.  
Secret Superpower: Her intuition. Being able to connect with her clients on a deeper level provides her the passion, energy & intuition she enjoys experiencing in order to deliver something they love.



Meet DAIN of NYC, USA.

New York City based street artist DAIN began his career by doing graffiti in grade school. DAIN continues to consider the world his blank canvas, adding beauty to the urban sprawl.

His process typically begins with a black and white photo, often of a Hollywood icon such as Audrey Hepburn or more recent stars as Victoria Beckham and Adele. He then layers the base photograph with old advertisements, printed fragments, and other images. Painting on the collaged material, DAIN highlights certain forms and ties the disparate pieces together into one composition.

A “circle and drip” mark in red around a single eye completes the piece and has become a trademark in his more recent work. DAIN’s recognizable style of glam meets grit features bright colors and collage that look as appealing on canvas as on the streets.

He has amassed an impressive following on social media, as well as had his work shown in Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, and Miami. Recently he was chosen by Coach to join other prominent New York graffiti artists to reimagine the brand’s logo on different walls around the city.

Despite his international acclaim, DAIN remains intimately loyal to New York – drawing his inspiration from the vibrant city and continuously adding to its vibrancy with his iconic art.

A Snapshot View of Dain

Favorite Artist: I couldn’t name just one, I enjoy them all.
Spirit Animal: Loading….
Secret Superpower: Loading….