Patricia Rubio

Meet Patricia Rubio of San Francisco, CA

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Patricia is now based in San Francisco. She works primarily with acrylic paints because of the versatility they afford to make a thousand different colors.

She also likes to use gouache because it gives a velvety finish over the opaque, matte and bright colors. Artistic production is a therapeutic process for Patricia through which she explores her memory and personal situations by creating and recreating connections between visual and emotional conceptions. She compares her work to the manner that we construct our thoughts.

Transform seemingly disconnected into shapes and you begin to see her world of imaginary geometric constructions and colorful compositions.

The pleasure of this world can be found in the balance of color, shapes, and composition. Painting makes her happy and she needs to do it. The deeply personal aspect of her practice is translated into her work, making them particularly satisfying to look at.

Stand in front of a composition by her and let yourself be led through her vibrant inventions consisting of delicate thought constructions made visual.

A Snapshot View of Patricia Rubio

Favorite Artist: She doesn’t have a favorite but she as a lot that she likes for different reasons. David Hockney, Yayoi Kusama, Frank Stella, to name a few.
Spirit Animal: Hahaha, she doesn’t know. 
Secret Superpower:  She can leave a boring conversation without being impolite.        



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Karen Hochman Brown

Meet Karen Hochman Brown of Los Angeles, CA

A native of Southern California, Karen Hochman Brown grew up in Santa Barbara. She then headed south to Pitzer College for a BA in Art and currently lives in Altadena.

Her artistic output fuses her love of art with her long time passion for mathematics. She finds geometry with its interconnectedness, beauty and logic captivating. In 1984 she discovered the graphic nature of computer art and has never looked back from this world that marries the flexibility of art with the precision of mathematics. Working on her art offers her a combination of meditation and brain teasing.

The repeating patterns of computer-generated shapes are mesmerizing and the challenges of working with constantly expanding software tools push her to learn new skills and methods.

Karen begins each piece with a photograph that she imports into a modular graphics-synthesizer program. She then alters different functions and formulas to create a series of images that she stacks into multiple layers, gradually building and developing the work.

She strives to make the technology that she uses seem magical with the result that her artworks convey a unique energy.

A Snapshot View of Karen Hochman Brown

Favorite Artist: Vincent van Gogh.
Spirit Animal: The horse.
Secret Superpower: She is the Princess of Parking. She has an uncanny knack for finding good parking places. She also can be counted on to pick the best time to leave for a trip to avoid traffic.      



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Nurit Avesar

Meet Nurit Avesar of Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from Israel, Nurit moved to the US when she was 21 and completed her studies in Studio Art at Cal State University Northridge.

She is a mixed media artist and painter whose work is focused on the process of production. Beginning with a large painting on paper pasted onto canvas, she then sands the surface of the painting, tearing and removing bits in the process. These steps create a new image filled with distressed fragments of the original painting. She continues to manipulate the images to create new ones, often collaging rust, graphite, fabric and paper to create the final works. Nurit delights in the unpredictability of the surfaces, the texture, and the concept behind the processes of sanding and multi layering.

The results are faded, ghostly images of the initial surfaces that merge with the bolder layers added on top.

Cultural legacies as well as the interactions between history and the present are important themes in Nurit’s work. Exploring how these ideas can be materially realized is built into her process as she manipulates and destroys finished paintings to create new ones. Recent major exhibitions of her work have been at the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard, at Cal State University Dominguez Hills, the Brand Library Art Gallery and a solo show at the Neutra Institute Museum in Silver Lake.

She is the 2010 recipient of the Dean Purchase Award.

A Snapshot View of Nurit Avesar.

Favorite Artist: Anselm Kiefer and Mark Bradford
Spirit Animal: Not sure about it but she loves birds.
Secret Superpower:She doesn’t think that she has a super power…She is an optimist…       



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Teis Albers

Meet Teis Albers of Berlicum.

Teis grew up in Heusden, a small village known for its picturesque houses and windmills in the south of the Netherlands.

Today he lives and works in Berlicum, just outside of ‘s-Hertogenosch, hometown to the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. He studied graphic design in Eindhoven and applied to art school but ended up not going when his graphic design business took off. Teis has been making collages for 15 years but only recently started using his own photography as the primary source. It is very important to him to push his work forward and keep the creative juices flowing. For this reason his work is constantly evolving.

The details in his work give it depth and meaning, from the painted features to the photographed elements.

Part of the pleasure of looking at Teis’ work is to distinguish between paint and photograph, only to be fooled and beckoned to look once again. When in need of inspiration he will try to get his hands dirty or play with his children. With three of them in tow, they are always ready to give him another view on things. Teis loves to create, whether it’s drawing, making music, or shaping his garden.

“It’s what I know and what I do. To just go ahead and make something that wasn’t there before. It’s great when you get recognition for it…but most of the time you’re already working on the next piece.”

A Snapshot View of Teis Albers.

Favourite Artist: Conor Harrington. He loves his use of wet paint drips and photorealistic historical figures.
Spirit Animal: The wolf.
Secret Superpower:  Focus.      



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David Leapman

Meet David Leapman of Los Angeles, CA and London, UK.

David Leapman is a British painter from London who has fallen in love with the desert landscape of the southwestern United States.

He currently lives and works in Riverside, CA. Despite Paul Delaroche’s 1839 verdict that painting is dead, Leapman continues to paint because painting is one way to be human and because it will outlive its critics. He uses a long list of pigments and products to make his paints but stays away from oils. Some of his paintings contain unusual materials such as diamond dust, cristalina, duco chrome, luster pigment, glassmehl (ground colored glass) or mirror flake.

The initial impact of viewing his art is particularly important to him. His use of bold color and materials catch the attention of viewers. It then takes more time to disentangle and associate various meanings in the work while penetrating the different layers. 

Leapman doesn’t believe in the sudden moment of inspiration. Instead his creations are about a lifelong engagement with creativity. His studio needs to be fit for the purpose of creating but his mind and body must also be sharp. To keep body and mind in stable form David practices martial arts, plays competitive soccer and frequently returns to the deserts of California.

In 1995 he won the John Moores Painting Prize and he has work hanging in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Government Art Collection, and the Walker Art Gallery.

A Snapshot View of David Leapman

Favorite Artist: James Rielly or Piero della Francesca
Spirit Animal: The Roadrunner, genus Geococcyx.
Secret Superpower:  He has created 27 Petal Thinkers, his own set of super heroes (images that reoccur in his work) such as, Doctor Cunning and Miracle Munger.



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Tomas Rowell

Meet Tomas Rowell of Birmingham, UK.

Teaching art showed Tomas Rowell that it is not necessarily what the art looks like but how the work makes you feel.

Following in the footsteps of minimalist giants, Tomas investigates the physical qualities of art rather than its representational powers. Color, geometry, and balance are guiding forces. He’s witnessed the insightful influence that art of any kind can have on the mind and its ability to allow individuals to embrace themselves in creativity without any judgmental repercussions.

Trained at Leeds Arts University, it was actually upon leaving school that he realized he was painting for his own benefit.

Tomas has persistently experimented with painting; understanding its ability to confront the physical qualities of art over an external embodiment. Through his quest to add sustainability in his work and eradicate unnecessary elements, Tomas began a fascination with the color black.

It continues to be the most influential tone within his current works, offering instinctive depth and a subconscious captivation.

A Snapshot View of Tomas Rowell

Favourite Artist: Kazimir Malevich.
Spirit Animal: The Tiger, as he’s continually on the move. He’s also full of drive with a “no stone unturned” attitude in life.
Secret Superpower: Having four hours sleep and functioning…with the help of ten cups of coffee.



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Meet Zabou of London, UK.

After creating a masterpiece using rocks on her parents’ car, Zabou knew she’d found her calling.

Trained in Fine Arts in France with a MA in Digital Arts in London, Zabou began painting murals and fell in love. Her easily recognizable style combines bold, striking colors with gray scale representations of cultural icons. Street art, to Zabou, creates interaction between people and their environment. Her murals facilitate that interaction, as she seeks to move her paintings beyond the obvious spatial boundaries.

In addition to her public murals, Zabou has exhibited her works at the Saatchi Gallery in London and has given a TedX talk about how street art can participate in community regeneration.

Zabou finds inspiration for her artworks in everything she sees, hears, feels, and reads. Raised in the French countryside, Zabou now resides in East London and aims to paint as much of the capital as she can.

Zabou has invaded 17 countries, so look for her bold street art wherever you may be!

A Snapshot View of Zabou.

Favorite Artist: She doesn’t have only one, but hundreds!
Spirit Animal: Some type of feline, like a lynx.
Secret Superpower: She can drink a lot – don’t challenge her!

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Roy’s People

Meet Roy’s People of Essex, UK.

For Roy’s People, art began as a hobby with a camera and a miniature train track. Once friends showed interest, Roy’s People began to develop his own style of ‘miniatures meet the streets’ in unique scenarios.

He creates tiny installations that reflect on the surroundings, emotions and feelings in the bigger world. Using the differences in size as part of the commentary, Roy’s People brilliantly achieves humorous pieces that are both fun and thought-provoking. Or as he puts it, “I customize miniature figures to depict a fantasy world beneath our feet on the streets.”

Don’t believe that an artist suffers for his craft? Roy’s People adapts all of his figurines from their original form and, as a result, his fingers are often superglued together.

Part of a growing contingent of artists trained in their craft instead of in art school, Roy’s People shies away from the title of artist, preferring to be identified as a “creative.” Nevertheless he will point out that he is a qualified Ford technician.

Since his more humble beginnings, he has attracted the attention of major brands and carried out commissions forGillette, Nikon, Sea World, Time Out, as well as many others.

A Snapshot View of Roy’s People.

Favorite Artist: Banksy.
Spirit Animal: Hippo – they’re chilled out!
Secret Superpower: Yet to discover one! *For Roy’s People’s sake, we wish for it to be the power to escape superglue!*

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Mirjam Siim

Meet Mirjam Siim of Porto, Portugal.

Mirjam Siim started using watercolors more on her frequent travels. Moving between different countries, it was a medium that fit in a backpack along with the rest of her life.

She continues to prefer it, despite settling down in Portugal, because water colors are sensitive and unpredictable for painting. They are good for improvising, allowing you to work in layers as you both fill large areas and add lots of details. The medium works well with her signature style that is calming and dreamy. Creating beautiful, contemplative scenes, Mirjam invites her viewers to pause for a moment while considering a delightful parallel, imagined world. A woman with many hats, she is also an active graffiti artist in and around Porto as well as a product designer and jeweller.

She found her creative self at an early age when she began to imitate her older sister.

Since then she studied at both Tartu Art College in Estonia and Porto University in Portugal. Despite plans and efforts to work in other areas, her creative side has always shined through. It was not until her twenties that she finally dedicated herself fully to studying and practicing different forms of art.

Mirjam’s favorite colors became self-evident when she realized more than half her wardrobe, and her paintings, are the vivid colors of turquoise and ocher.

A Snapshot View of Mirjam Siim

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt.
Spirit Animal: Considering how much I like cheese, my spirit animal must be a mouse.
Secret Superpower: Making lists and planning. And eating a lot of cheese without getting fat.

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Alex Maganiotis

Meet Alexandros Maganiotis of Athens, Greece.

At age 13, Alexandros Maganiotis covered his room with pictures from music magazines, creating his own collage installations.

Even then, he knew he would be unable to stay away from art. Born and raised in Greece, Alexandros studied architecture in both Athens and London. His background as an architect influences his art practice today, as his favorite medium is ink on paper.

Drawing from a wide array of sources including ancient myths, modern authors, and the vibrant streets of Athens, Alexandros creates surreal works rife with meaning for his discerning audience.

Layered references combined with the precise medium of ink on paper allow him to create detailed compositions that are a feast for both the eyes and the mind.

With his studio just below the ancient Acropolis of Athens, Alexandros can step outside and walk around whenever he is short on inspiration.

That he often finds ideas for artwork from his dreams should come as no surprise given the otherworldly quality found in many of his compositions.

A Snapshot View of Alexandros Maganiotis.

Favorite Artist: Francis Bacon.
Spirit Animal: For him, the horse has freedom and kindness and an amazing elegance.
Secret Superpower: His superpower is his intuition… he know things before they are about to happen, it is a feeling he has that in the end is verified.

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