Artist Post: Raina Goran

WNA artist Raina Goran creating a mixed media image on location in South Africa.
WNA artist Raina Goran gives us a snapshot into her creative process, the making of art and what inspires her work.

My Art Process

Much of my work is inspired by my travels and I am excited to explore new places and really get a feel of the landscape. Whether the climate is hot or cold affects the palette that I use. I usually like to take my view points from high up and look across the vista as I like to reduce the terrain to patterns rather than getting too close with detail. I simplify my landscapes to colours that sit well next to one another and shapes which help to create a rhythm for the composition. I aim to create richness in colour and an energy which describes the place that I have visited in a new way to the viewer.
View from Ben Nevis II, 84 x 84cm

The Scottish Highlands

When I explored the Scottish Highlands recently, it appeared to be dull greens and greys but when I really looked carefully at the soil, the plants and the rocks I could see a lilac Tartan. I totally saw where the inspiration for Tartan fabrics came from and I became obsessed with studying Tartans which inspired my painting of, View From Ben Nevis II.

South Africa

Karoo Desert, South Africa, Mixed media.
  I am currently working on a series of mixed media works based on my travels of South Africa. Whilst I was there I wanted to record what I saw very quickly. I planned ahead and brought with me lots of sheets of coloured paper and chalk pastels. When I visited a stunning Vineyard, I took out my materials and very quickly tore the paper into the right kind of shapes and stuck them down to record large areas of colour. I then worked on top of them with pastels drawing in shapes and shading. The results were pretty good. Once I was back in my studio I repeated the images, refining them and simplifying them even more. To me being an artist is to become so obsessed with exploring a subject, that I am able to reinvent it in a completely new way but retain an essence of the original place. My Art Process by Raina Goran. Check out some of Raina’s other stunning landscapes inspired by her travels to various locations here on her WNA artist page.
French Riviera, 94 x 72cm
Mountain View, Spain, 85 x 70cm


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