Art-ctic: The Beauty Without the Cold

The sky is grey, icy wind somehow manages to sneak through the gaps in your clothes and snow and sleet flurries make your normal commute to work more of a challenge than usual. Yup, the Arctic weather is upon us, just as the news and weather channels warned and we are braced for traffic, school closures, public transport delays and whacking the heating up to tropical levels. But with the cold comes the opportunity for some beautiful winter scenes of frozen landscapes depicting ice covered fields and frozen lakes. Here at Why Not Art we have put together suggestions from our collection of wonderful artworks that allow you to experience the beauty of the cold from the comfort of your home or warmth of the office.

Stunning Snowscapes

KV Duong, New Beginning, 95 x 65cm
The tranquil scene of white snow, the dark trees and the flowing water of KV Duong’s piece New Beginning perfectly captures the feel of the frozen. Two figures are visible within this beautiful landscape, walking through the cold, past the delicately detailed trees and dark, icy river. The rocky outline of mountains are visible in the frozen distance and the use of plaster on wooden pallet creates a wonderful rustic, textured effect. The plaster disappears into the wood at the top of the piece, giving the sublime effect of icy clouds fading into the sky. This piece would be great above a mantel piece in a living room, in a hallway or in your office, allowing you a few moments to get lost within the serenity of this snowscape.
Kevin Fohrer_Colorful Ice in context
Kevin Fohrer, Colorful Ice, 91.44 x 61cm
Another perfect way to bring the appeal of the arctic into your home without the chill is with photographer Kevin Fohrer’s breath-taking prints. His impressive photographs, such as “Colourful Ice”, expertly capture scenes of natural beauty as the sun shines, producing a stunning array of pink and orange. The scene was taken in Jokulsarlon, Iceland where the light reflects across the freezing cold water, brilliantly highlighting a sparkling piece of ice. This stunning and peaceful image would look wonderful in a hallway or opposite your desk, adding a splash of colour as the warm orange tones of the sun contrast effortlessly with icy blue of the sky and water.

Snowscapes and Polar Bears

Ghost of the Winter
Kevin Fohrer, Ghost of the Winter, 114.3 x 76.2cm
“Ghost of the Winter” and “Mingling with the Locals” would both make impressive additions to your work or living spaces as striking homages to the colder weather. This spectacular portrait of a polar bear is a playful and minimalistic print for any space. The dark features and bright white coat of the bear create a simple yet remarkably intimate composition, capturing this quizzical animal in its natural habitat. Take a trip into the Icelandic landscape with “Mingling with the Locals”, another of Kevin’s prints that skilfully captures a cold, snowy landscape. The mountains in the background fade into the frozen skies as a heard of horses graze in the pastures of Iceland.
Kevin Fohrer, Mingling With The Locals, 91.44 x 61cm

Snow or Sun

These are just a few examples of artwork that embrace the beauty of icy weather. Yet we understand that you may just want to curl up on the sofa and start browsing beach holidays and lots of sun. Fear not! We can help with that too.

Sweep Away the Snowflakes

Sandra Francis, Blue Horizon, 76 x 76cm
Sandra Francis’s paintings of warm, sunny beaches and deep blue waves are the perfect remedy, sweeping away the snowflakes and brightening your office or bedroom with some summer vibes. The rich colours and warm tones in Blue Horizon are enough to warm you up while the grey clouds gather outside your office windows. Sandy Dooley and Roy’s People are a few more WNA favourites that inject some summer into your day this chilly February. Grass Growing is a a vivid painting depicting colourful flowers within a field or meadow under a clear blue sky (you can practically hear the relaxing buzz of insects). For something a bit more playful, Roy’s People print “Living the Dream”, is the right kind of chill – with warm summer vibes and a touch of humour as two miniature figures sunbathe under a bottle cap umbrella.
Roy’s People, Living the Dream, 84.1 x 59.4cm
Sandy Dooley, Grass Growing, 90 x 90cm
However you choose to take on the freezing temperatures, you can find the right piece of work to echo and enhance your mood from the WNA database – and even better, you can swap them when you fancy a change.  


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