Strategies and Advice for Curating

What is curation?

Laura Fishman_Spirit of London.diptych in Context
Laura Fishman, Spirit of London, 120 x 60cm
When it comes to art, it is not just the artist producing the work who needs to be creative. Choosing the right piece of work for the chosen space is tough and something that takes time and careful consideration. Whether you are choosing a piece of art for your independent café, office space or the empty wall in your bedroom, knowing how to curate the space is key.
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Its Nude – Not Rude

Black Butterfly Pair
Lesley Mackenzie, Black Butterfly Pair

The Nude in Art

The Nude has featured heavily within art over the centuries, from the Ancient Greek and Roman statues to the distorted, fleshy paintings by Jenny Saville. Despite its presence throughout history, the female nude, in particular, is still problematic.
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Art-ctic: The Beauty Without the Cold

The sky is grey, icy wind somehow manages to sneak through the gaps in your clothes and snow and sleet flurries make your normal commute to work more of a challenge than usual.
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