Why Subscribe to Art?

At Why Not Art, we are paving a revolutionary new way to live with and experience contemporary art.

By Michelle Allen, Curator at WhyNotArt

Want to impress your friends and family with your own personal gallery space in your home? Maybe you have always wanted to own an amazing piece of art but do not want to pay the up front costs? Or perhaps you love so many different pieces of art that you simply cannot choose just one?

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Strategies & Advice for Curating Part II

By Renatta Maniski-Luke, Curator at Why Not Art

What is curation?

When it comes to art, it is not just the artist producing the work who needs to be creative. Choosing the right piece of work for the chosen space is tough and something that takes time and careful consideration. Whether you are choosing a piece of art for your independent café, office space or the empty wall in your bedroom, knowing how to curate the space is key.
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Talented Art Fair // March 2018


By Michelle Allen, Curator at Why Not Art Are your walls looking a bit drab? Do you need something fresh to liven up a room for the approaching spring? Why not browse our collection of amazing art, all available for one low monthly subscription! At Why Not Art, we are always spotting new emerging talent and constantly keeping a pulse on what’s happening in the contemporary art scene here in London. We are constantly adding fresh works and content to our site so that you are always up to date. 
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