Power Play: A New Exhibition at The Concept Space

Power Play, currently on view at The Concept Space, focuses on the power dynamics between artists and their works. The exhibition opened on December 5, 2017 and we had the fortune of attending and can highly recommend the experience.

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Dot Dot Dot… A Unique Technique by Elisa Cantarelli

Accomplished Italian Mixed Media Artist

Elisa Cantarelli is an Italian mixed media artist living and working in London. She attended the Art Institute in Parma and then continued her studies at the Fine Art Academy in Bologna where she received a distinction. In 2007 she won the Premio Nazionale delle Arti award. She has exhibited internationally and also at major art fairs including Art First Bologna, Paris Photo, and Art Fair Tokyo to name a few. Aside from her many prestigious accomplishments, she is known for her unique ‘dotting’ technique that she uses throughout her works.   

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Visiting the Wimbledon Art Fair

25 Years of Making Art

The Wimbledon Art Fair celebrated its 25th anniversary this past weekend from November 16-19. Over 150 artists and their private studios were exclusively opened to fair goers and it was a huge success! Visitors had the opportunity to support local artists and speak directly with the creators themselves.

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Special Autumn Art Attack!

Just four clicks of the mouse can bring an original artwork straight to your doorstep. And now we’ve added more artists and original artworks than ever. Check out our newest artists and take advantage of our special autumn discount!

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We’re on the hunt for more artists!

Are you a painter, mixed media artist, or photographer and looking for new ways to get exposure for your art and broaden your audience?

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#Meettheartist Ermina Avramidou

Follow along this month as we Meet The Artist Ermina Avramidou! Ermina loves to encourage her audience to indulge their curiosity, to ask questions, and keep searching for more within the canvas, trying to determine the secrets behind the hidden elements in her work.

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#MeetTheArtist Benjamin Phillips

This month, we dive into the artistic process of Benjamin Phillips, our mixed-media artist from London. His intricate pieces utilise a number of methods and demand that the viewer come closer for a better look. So let’s go ahead and #MeetTheArtist!

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4 Reasons Art Belongs in the Office Monthly Budget

Wondering what value art adds to a work environment? Keep on reading to see four concrete reasons for why art should be included in any office space.

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Why Art Rentals for the #wanderlust Generation?

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

We regularly lease flats and cars, pay monthly subscriptions to Netflix and Spotify, order our necessities from Amazon Prime, and have fashion delivered by tea from Net-A-Porter. Why not art?

We tackle a concept close to many millennials’ hearts for the fourth instalment in this series – why art rentals for the #wanderlust generation?

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