Meet Zabou of London, UK.

After creating a masterpiece using rocks on her parents’ car, Zabou knew she’d found her calling.

Trained in Fine Arts in France with a MA in Digital Arts in London, Zabou began painting murals and fell in love. Her easily recognizable style combines bold, striking colors with gray scale representations of cultural icons. Street art, to Zabou, creates interaction between people and their environment. Her murals facilitate that interaction, as she seeks to move her paintings beyond the obvious spatial boundaries.

In addition to her public murals, Zabou has exhibited her works at the Saatchi Gallery in London and has given a TedX talk about how street art can participate in community regeneration.

Zabou finds inspiration for her artworks in everything she sees, hears, feels, and reads. Raised in the French countryside, Zabou now resides in East London and aims to paint as much of the capital as she can.

Zabou has invaded 17 countries, so look for her bold street art wherever you may be!

A Snapshot View of Zabou.

Favorite Artist: She doesn’t have only one, but hundreds!
Spirit Animal: Some type of feline, like a lynx.
Secret Superpower: She can drink a lot – don’t challenge her!