Vincent Kamp

Meet Vincent Kamp of London.

Vincent Kamp is a self-taught artist whose raw skill is evidenced by the technical achievement in his works.

He has devoted an enormous amount of time learning how to paint in oils through life drawing, sketching sculptures and copying the masters. Using the exceptional resources available in his city, Vincent took to the National Galleries of London to understand form, color and lighting. The time spent with the masters is discernible in his expert use of oils and deep understanding of lighting. At the same time, his work is incredibly contemporary.

Cinematography has also been an influence and is especially visible in his use of dramatic lighting to set the mood and begin the narrative.

Vincent often turns to underground subcultures for his subject matter, believing that those who exist in the gritty shadows of our cities will always be intriguing. He began his ascent in London’s art scene with a series of portraits of barbers working around the UK. The variously coiffed and often heavily tattooed men provided him with material that cut across social barriers.

In his most recent work he focuses on his love of film in thirty paintings that tell the story of a high stakes poker game.

A Snapshot View of Vincent Kamp

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