Vesa Kivinen


At the age of five, artist Vesa converted his parent’s kitchen resources into a drum set. Looking back, it was in this moment that he identified his burgeoning creativity waiting to be unleashed. To this day, Vesa continues to innovate through his art. His background in film and photography gave rise to his own form of art dubbed ‘Artevo’, this artistic process consists of oil painting, bodypainting, photography, digital collaging, and high end printing. More than from other artistic expressions, Vesa draws inspiration from innovators like Elon Musk and Dr. Gabor Maté. Vesa explains that society encourages art to ask important questions, but not to arrive at the answers. His highest ambition is for contemporary art to become a tool to visualise potential for the quickly globalising world with social relevance beyond the art world.

A Snapshot View of Vesa Kivinen

Favourite Artist: DaVinci due to social relevance outside of art and Dali for his expression.
Spirit Animal: A wolf.
Secret Superpower: The lack of feeling inferior to any other human being.

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