Ugo Nonis

Meet Ugo Nonis of Venice Beach, CA.

Originally from Paris, France, Ugo has been calling Venice Beach, CA his home for the past 9 years.

Nonis’ art education began at home under the tutelage of his artist father. It wasn’t until his late 20s though that he started making art.

Rather than being tied to a single medium, he prefers to see them all as part of his developing career. Oils are likely to be the next step.

Nonis loves to revisit old works and to “forget the details of making and to rediscover the layering and connections.”

He doesn’t try to pin down what admires see in his art. Instead he prefers to know that others will connect with his art as deeply as he connects to making it.

His favorite color is blue because he finds the greatest inspiration in the sky and the ocean.

A Snapshot View of Ugo Nonis

Favorite Artist: Mark Rothko
Spirit Animal: Turtle
Secret Superpower: He can see through walls.