Tomas Rowell


Teaching art taught Tomas Rowell that it is not necessarily what the art looks like but how the work makes you feel. He’s witnessed the insightful influence that art of any kind can have on the mind and its ability to allow individuals to embrace themselves in creativity without any judgmental repercussions. Trained at Leeds College of Art, it was actually upon leaving school that he realised he was painting for his own benefit. Tomas has persistently experimented with painting; understanding its ability to confront the physical qualities of art over an external embodiment. Through his quest to add sustainability in his work and eradicate unnecessary elements, Tomas began a fascination with the colour black. It continues to be the most influential tone within his current works, offering instinctive depth and a subconscious captivation.

A Snapshot View of Tomas Rowell

Favourite Artist: Kazimir Malevich.
Spirit Animal: The Tiger, as I’m continually on the move. I’m also full of drive with a “no stone unturned” attitude in life.
Secret Superpower: Having four hours sleep and functioning…with the help of ten cups of coffee.