Teis Albers

Meet Teis Albers of Berlicum.

Teis grew up in Heusden, a small village known for its picturesque houses and windmills in the south of the Netherlands.

Today he lives and works in Berlicum, just outside of ‘s-Hertogenosch, hometown to the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. He studied graphic design in Eindhoven and applied to art school but ended up not going when his graphic design business took off. Teis has been making collages for 15 years but only recently started using his own photography as the primary source. It is very important to him to push his work forward and keep the creative juices flowing. For this reason his work is constantly evolving.

The details in his work give it depth and meaning, from the painted features to the photographed elements.

Part of the pleasure of looking at Teis’ work is to distinguish between paint and photograph, only to be fooled and beckoned to look once again. When in need of inspiration he will try to get his hands dirty or play with his children. With three of them in tow, they are always ready to give him another view on things. Teis loves to create, whether it’s drawing, making music, or shaping his garden.

“It’s what I know and what I do. To just go ahead and make something that wasn’t there before. It’s great when you get recognition for it…but most of the time you’re already working on the next piece.”

A Snapshot View of Teis Albers.

Favourite Artist: Conor Harrington. He loves his use of wet paint drips and photorealistic historical figures.
Spirit Animal: The wolf.
Secret Superpower:  Focus.