Sarah Needham


When artist Sarah Needham stands in front of a special work of art, her heart slows and her fingers tingle, taking her back to just a state of being. It can be anything from DaVinci to Spencer to Rothko, and from any point in her life. This sense is what Sarah tries to communicate in her own works, creating spaces to get a little lost in and remember. Working in her preferred medium of oils, she hand mixes her own paints, made from researched pigments which have a special role in the history of trade and mark making. Sarah loves oils for their malleability and amazing variety in texture, matte, gloss and tone. She indulges in the way you can build surfaces that are incredibly flat in the physical world, but also contain vast depth. Sarah is drawn to the idea that she is part of a long tradition, enjoying the push and pull of oils, the slowness of the process.

A Snapshot View of Sarah Needham

Favourite Artist: I have a few: Rothko, Turner, Sonia Delaunay, Vermeer, Louis Bourgeois, Helen Frankenthaler, Carsten Holler, Anish Kapoor…
Spirit Animal: Ummmm
Secret Superpower: Finding colour on a grey London day

Studio Collection


Large80 x 80cmSarah Needham
Flat Collection


Large100 x 100cmSarah Needham
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