Roy’s People

Meet Roy’s People of Essex, UK.

For Roy’s People, art began as a hobby with a camera and a miniature train track. Once friends showed interest, Roy’s People began to develop his own style of ‘miniatures meet the streets’ in unique scenarios.

He creates tiny installations that reflect on the surroundings, emotions and feelings in the bigger world. Using the differences in size as part of the commentary, Roy’s People brilliantly achieves humorous pieces that are both fun and thought-provoking. Or as he puts it, “I customize miniature figures to depict a fantasy world beneath our feet on the streets.”

Don’t believe that an artist suffers for his craft? Roy’s People adapts all of his figurines from their original form and, as a result, his fingers are often superglued together.

Part of a growing contingent of artists trained in their craft instead of in art school, Roy’s People shies away from the title of artist, preferring to be identified as a “creative.” Nevertheless he will point out that he is a qualified Ford technician.

Since his more humble beginnings, he has attracted the attention of major brands and carried out commissions forGillette, Nikon, Sea World, Time Out, as well as many others.

A Snapshot View of Roy’s People.

Favorite Artist: Banksy.
Spirit Animal: Hippo – they’re chilled out!
Secret Superpower: Yet to discover one! *For Roy’s People’s sake, we wish for it to be the power to escape superglue!*