Nurit Avesar

Meet Nurit Avesar of Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from Israel, Nurit moved to the US when she was 21 and completed her studies in Studio Art at Cal State University Northridge.

She is a mixed media artist and painter whose work is focused on the process of production. Beginning with a large painting on paper pasted onto canvas, she then sands the surface of the painting, tearing and removing bits in the process. These steps create a new image filled with distressed fragments of the original painting. She continues to manipulate the images to create new ones, often collaging rust, graphite, fabric and paper to create the final works. Nurit delights in the unpredictability of the surfaces, the texture, and the concept behind the processes of sanding and multi layering.

The results are faded, ghostly images of the initial surfaces that merge with the bolder layers added on top.

Cultural legacies as well as the interactions between history and the present are important themes in Nurit’s work. Exploring how these ideas can be materially realized is built into her process as she manipulates and destroys finished paintings to create new ones. Recent major exhibitions of her work have been at the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard, at Cal State University Dominguez Hills, the Brand Library Art Gallery and a solo show at the Neutra Institute Museum in Silver Lake.

She is the 2010 recipient of the Dean Purchase Award.

A Snapshot View of Nurit Avesar.

Favorite Artist: Anselm Kiefer and Mark Bradford
Spirit Animal: Not sure about it but she loves birds.
Secret Superpower:She doesn’t think that she has a super power…She is an optimist…