Moises Ortiz

Meet Moises Ortiz of Los Angeles, CA.

A native of Mexico City, Mexico, Moises Ortiz now lives in Los Angeles, CA.

He earned his formal arts education in Mexico City and Madrid but has also been deeply influenced by graffiti. The result is an artistic practice that combines traditional and non-traditional elements.

Moises prefers to work with non-conventional materials such as metal, plexi-glass and wood. But his attention to shape and color stems from his formal training. Making art is an ongoing battle for him. He is constantly working to balance the power of the act of painting with his own OCD. There needs to be harmony.

The OCD can’t smother the raw emotion of painting and the emotion can’t spill over into chaos.

While others look for meaning in his compositions, he is striving to balance that delicate equation. Moises draws inspiration to continue working from the piece itself, “the negative or positive emotions help build the art piece.”

And there is always the technical side of art making – such as framing or prepping other materials – to keep him busy through the least creative of times.

A Snapshot View of Moises Ortiz

Favorite Artist: Juan Gris of Spain.
Spirit Animal: A very small fish.
Secret Superpower: Emotions are his engine so he can paint for many hours without food or water.