Mirjam Siim

Meet Mirjam Siim of Porto, Portugal.

Mirjam Siim started using watercolors more on her frequent travels. Moving between different countries, it was a medium that fit in a backpack along with the rest of her life.

She continues to prefer it, despite settling down in Portugal, because water colors are sensitive and unpredictable for painting. They are good for improvising, allowing you to work in layers as you both fill large areas and add lots of details. The medium works well with her signature style that is calming and dreamy. Creating beautiful, contemplative scenes, Mirjam invites her viewers to pause for a moment while considering a delightful parallel, imagined world. A woman with many hats, she is also an active graffiti artist in and around Porto as well as a product designer and jeweller.

She found her creative self at an early age when she began to imitate her older sister.

Since then she studied at both Tartu Art College in Estonia and Porto University in Portugal. Despite plans and efforts to work in other areas, her creative side has always shined through. It was not until her twenties that she finally dedicated herself fully to studying and practicing different forms of art.

Mirjam’s favorite colors became self-evident when she realized more than half her wardrobe, and her paintings, are the vivid colors of turquoise and ocher.

A Snapshot View of Mirjam Siim

Favorite Artist: Gustav Klimt.
Spirit Animal: Considering how much I like cheese, my spirit animal must be a mouse.
Secret Superpower: Making lists and planning. And eating a lot of cheese without getting fat.