Maryanne Hawes


British born artist Maryanne Hawes has lived in Bangladesh, Malawi, Nigeria and Hong Kong. She now has her studio in the Wye Valley, on the border between England and Wales. Her mixed, multi-cultural background is not dissimilar to her mixed media and acrylic paintings, layered with a variety of colours, textures and shapes. Her free and expressive style has developed through her self-labeled ‘DIY art degree’ of various courses including a print making course at Spike Island and the Porthmeor Programme at the St Ives School of Painting. Maryanne works mostly in acrylic as she enjoys the immediacy and flexibility of the paint and the potential for serendipity of mixed media, especially collage. Despite it changing regularly, her favourite colour is currently Naples Yellow and can be seen within several of her paintings along with messages that are hidden beneath the layers of paint.

A Snapshot View of Maryanne Hawes

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Spirit Animal: Red Kite
Secret Superpower: I can read the energy of a room as I walk in. If there’s some silent drama going on, I know about it!

Maryanne Hawes_Tidal
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Medium60 x 60cmMaryanne Hawes
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