Made of Hagop

Meet Hagop Belian of Venice Beach, CA.

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Hagop now lives in Venice Beach, CA. He has been making art ever since a lucid dream in his senior year of college left him with a visceral feeling of what it was like to be inside an abstract expressionistic work of art. Hagop has experimented with different media but his work has always focused on collages.

Synergy is a powerful force for him and he revels in the ability to tell a different story by using discarded and forgotten things.

His work today focuses on a series of totems. Initially they were simple characters but in his more recent pieces they have developed into complex beings that exist in their own worlds.

He builds the plaster backgrounds or “walls” on which he paints – a process that brings the street art vibe into the gallery and home.

The final pieces are complete objects that look and feel like “relics of the future.” Hagop uses red, the color of blood, to sign his pieces in order to show that they came from him.

A Snapshot View of Made of Hagop

Favourite Artist: Joseph Beuys and Robert Rauschenberg for their work with found objects.
Spirit Animal: It’s a constantly evolving beast that currently looks like an elephant with owl wings and a snake tail.
Secret Superpower: He is an alchemist.