Lyn Kirkland


Lyn Kirkland is an encaustic wax artist based in Dorset. Encaustic wax is an ancient method used by the Greeks and Egyptians from as early on as the 5th century BC. “I feel a strong connection with the organic nature of the wax pigments and in creating contemporary pieces using centuries old methods”. In 2011 Lyn decided to pursue her artistic endeavors full time after her son became severely ill. This instilled an intense appreciation for the fragility of our existence, which prompted her to pursue her art full time. Major themes in her work that she explores include the ever-changing moods of the sea and organic patterns of decay visible in a landscape. Even today Lyn is still in awe of the endless possibilities of encaustic wax. It is rumored that Michelangelo attempted to paint with wax, but found it too difficult to control! It’s more than merely a medium for Lyn to work in, but it is a way for her to explore and express her inner most feelings.

A Snapshot View of Lyn Kirkland

Favourite Artist: Two absolute favourites; Jenny Saville and Käthe Kollwitz
Spirit Animal: The Mere-cat. Humorous, inquisitive, maternal, great team player
Secret Superpower: I make the best chocolate brownies ever…….according to my sons

Lyn Kirkland_Iced Over
Studio Collection

Iced Over

Medium59 x 59cmLyn Kirkland
Lyn Kirkland_Carefree
Studio Collection


Medium61 x 61cmLyn Kirkland