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While Loz Atkinson has always known she’s an artist, and has stubbornly pursued the passion, even she must remind herself of it occasionally, against better judgement and advice. As an artist, Loz has worked with many different media and still enjoys exploring different ones on new projects. Yet for her, it is the idea that drives the medium. When it comes to her paintings, it is the colour, texture, and depth that Loz is taken with, and she believes the affair will last a lifetime. Raised all around the country, Loz spent her formative years in North Yorkshire, and earned her art education at De Montfort University, Leicester. Creativity can be found in the simplest of experiences like a laze in a toasty bed, or the most adventurous of treks across a nature. In the colours blue and black, Loz relishes the depth, unknown, the sorrow and solace, the moreish luxuriance.

A Snapshot View of Loz Atkinson

Favourite Artist: I really hate to answer as it changes so frequently, but one constant is Ralph Steadman.
Spirit Animal: Shark, Bird, or Tilda Swinton
Secret Superpower: Noticing

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Large100 x 100cmLoz Atkinson
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Medium50 x 70cmLoz Atkinson