Lesley Mackenzie


Lesley Mackenzie knew that she was an artist as a young child, a piece of self-knowledge that carried her through a valuable career as a figurative illustrator. Raised in Surrey and trained at the Epsom School of Art and Design, Lesley now works in Brighton. She paints primarily with acrylic because of the medium’s immediacy and versatility. These inherent qualities work well with the fast pace at which she paints. The human form has long been a focus of her work, as can be seen in her stunning series of miniature female figures painted from life. Beyond the body, Lesley draws inspiration from nature. Walks through the Danish forests that she regularly visits and through nearby South Downs give her the necessary energy to keep creating.

A Snapshot View of Lesley Mackenzie

Favourite Artist: Only one? John Singer Sergent
Spirit Animal: Hedgehog
Secret Superpower: I can capture an accurate likeness from life with only a brush and one colour – fast.

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