Kjell Folkvord


Norwegian born artist Kjell Folkvord is a lyrical abstract expressionist, creating beautiful organic shapes and forms in his work that are profound and thought provoking. Although the artist has always painted throughout his life, he was a teacher and social worker during his years as a husband and father. The politics of the 70’s still influence his art today, infusing each of his works with an outspoken passion. Three factors help the artist create works in his signature colourful style; water, time and gravity. He rarely uses brushes, preferring the precision of syringes. The artist fills the syringe with acrylic paint and water and then lets gravity naturally shape the forms on the canvas. In Kjell’s words “…art is almost always an expression of emotions. There might be a theme (a piece of music, a historical event, an emotion) attached to a particular work, but it is not necessary for my viewers to know what it is in order to appreciate the work. The point is that the theme has created an emotion within me that I want to express to my viewers”.

A Snapshot View of Kjell Folkvord

Favourite Artist: Vincent Van Gogh, without a doubt. I admire his use of colours and his devotion to art.
Spirit Animal: The dog. We can usually communicate.
Secret Superpower: My optimism.

Kjell Folkvord_Community
Penthouse Collection


X-Large150 x 150cmKjell Folkvord
Kjell Folkvord_All Blue
Loft Collection

All Blues

Large90 x 100cmKjell Folkvord
Kjell Folkvord_July
Loft Collection


Large80 x 100cmKjell Folkvord
Kjell Folkvord_January
Loft Collection


Large80 x 100cmKjell Folkvord
Kjell Folkvord_Day 5
Studio Collection

Day 5

Medium60 x 80cmKjell Folkvord
Kjell Folkvord_Day 1
Studio Collection

Day 1

Medium60 x 80cmKjell Folkvord
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