Kate Dolan


Self taught artist Kate Dolan feels her happiest and most free when creating a work. She loves the way paint stays with her on her hands, a constant reminder if the work she has just done and also what is still to come. Inspired by abstract expressionists and other figurative painters, Dolan aims to infuse each of her works, whether it be an abstract or figurative work, with as much energy and life as possible. Building up many layers of quick drying acrylic gives her work gorgeous depths. In an artist statement Dolan describes how she is “obsessed with colour, form, bold strokes and graphic shapes, my work is at its best when things aren’t quite what they seem”.

A Snapshot View of Kate Dolan

Favourite Artist: Abstract expressionists such as Rothko and Kline as well as figurative painter Kim Frohsin.
Spirit Animal: A Sloth. I love sleeping. Really love it.
Secret Superpower: I have the ability to immediately put people at ease. People seem to be comfortable telling me their life story when I have only just met them. It could be because I am northern, or it could be because of my other superpowers…

Kate Dolan_Nude 5
Studio Collection

Nude 5

Large107 x 107cmKate Dolan
Kate Dolan_Nude 1
Studio Collection

Nude 1

Large107 x 107cmKate Dolan